Big Brother: Christmas and Memphis still dating, attending Nicole’s wedding

Memphis And Christmas
Memphis and Christmas have gone from the BB22 house to being a couple. Pic credit: @ChristmasAbbott/Instagram

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 22 are still dating and they are attending the wedding of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo this week.

On Instagram live, Christmas and Nicole each shared videos of the wedding rehearsal that took place on Monday night. And in addition to Christmas and Memphis being in attendance, so was Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez.

The wedding itself is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 16, so we fully expect to see a lot more posting on social media from all of the former houseguests in attendance.

Nicole shared a series of photos from her bachelorette party as well, which may have been a bit subdued since she is pregnant. Nicole just reached the halfway point of her pregnancy and shared the moment with her social media followers.

Christmas and Memphis at the Big Brother wedding

Below is a moment that was shared online by the five former Big Brother houseguests who were hanging out at Nicole’s and Victor’s rehearsal.

Nicole also shared a montage of the event to her Instagram account, which can be seen below. It looks like they are all having a lot of fun at the event.

Christmas and Memphis still a couple after BB22

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett were both invited back to be a part of the Big Brother All-Stars 2 cast. They ended up in the same primary alliance within the game, and many fans could see that there were some sparks taking place between the two of them.

The BB22 cast members didn’t become a couple inside of the house, but they started dating shortly after they returned to the real world. Fans spotted them out at a bar together in Florida this winter and they went public shortly after that, confirming how happy they were to have found each other.

Since then, the couple has shared a lot of photos with one another on social media, including when they celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Now, the big event of the day is the wedding of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo, who also met as members of a Big Brother cast (BB18).

We look forward to seeing even more photos of the couple enjoying themselves at the Big Brother wedding this week, where we expect a lot of material to wind up on social media. As Christmas noted in one of her Instagram live videos about Nicole, they are “friends forever.”

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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