Big Brother: Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott spotted together in Florida

Memphis And Christmas BB22
Memphis and Christmas were invited back for Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott spent time together on the Big Brother 22 cast and now they have been seen hanging out together outside of the house as well.

A fan of the show spotted them at the bar and it appears that she asked them for a photo (which is shared below).

While they were in the Big Brother house together, it definitely seemed like Memphis and Christmas had great chemistry. Some fans even thought that it could lead to a relationship once the game came to an end.

There is no evidence that a romantic relationship has formed, but it’s clear that these two Big Brother veterans are still good friends.

Memphis and Christmas at the bar

Below is an image that a fan with the Instagram name @ktreichenbach just shared online. She captioned the photo by writing, “Just hanging out with a couple of @bigbrothercbs All Stars!”

Someone who knows her posted, “Ommgggggggg so like are they dating.”

In response to that comment, the account holder wrote, “OMG the tea.”

Someone else in the comments alluded to this woman possibly appearing on a future season of Big Brother by writing, “YOURE NEXT!!!!”


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Are Memphis and Christmas in a romantic relationship?

While playing Big Brother 22, Memphis stated that he had a girlfriend and that he couldn’t wait to get home to see her. The girlfriend’s name is Dominique Scalise

Memphis still has pictures of Dominque on his Instagram page (as shown below), so that would seem to indicate that they are still together and that he is just friends with Christmas.


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The rumor mill is already running at hyperspeed, though, especially after the two BB22 cast members seemed so close on the live feeds for the show. But maybe they really are just good friends who decided to hang out at a Florida bar.

Some fans have already pointed out that Memphis was originally tagged by the fan in the photo, but that the tag is no longer present. It means either he or the fan untagged him. It’s definitely suspicious for anyone to remove a tag like that, but Memphis did click “like” on the photo.

Earlier this month, Memphis said that he has been receiving death threats. He said that it was a result of being a part of Big Brother 22.

Fellow houseguest Ian Terry also took part in an interview where he talked about how Memphis had treated him.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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