Big Brother: Ian Terry speaks about Memphis Garrett making fun of him, Nicole Franzel wedding in new interview

Ian Terry In BB22 DR
Ian Terry was part of the Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Ian Terry from Big Brother All-Stars stopped by the Hello, Friends podcast to speak about the season. This is the podcast hosted by Eric Curto and Nicole Anthony, which was referenced by Nicole Franzel, Dani Donato, and Enzo Palumbo during the past season.

A lot of BB22 cast members have been stopping by the podcast to answer questions about the season and get interviewed about their experiences with the show. Now, Ian can be added to that list, and he provided some very interesting insight.

Unfortunately for Ian, he was evicted early in the BB22 season, which meant he spent a lot of the summer in the jury house. Viewers got to see him return during jury segments and as he spoke during the season finale where Cody Calafiore was named the winner.

In regard to Ian talking about the game post-season, this particular interview has definitely been the most in-depth conversation that he has had about the game. A video of the full interview is shared below for our readers to enjoy.

He definitely touched on the topic of Memphis Garrett and other members of The Committee making fun of him and suggesting that he was faking and/or playing up his autism to get a specific edit in the game.

Previously, Memphis said he “meant no harm by it” in his own post-eviction interview.

Ian Terry visits with Nicole Anthony, Eric Curto

After Ian was introduced, they started speaking about competitions, where Ian said that he only actually “put forth a full effort” in four competitions as a strategy. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the ones he tried to succeed in.

Other topics that he touched on are who he wanted to align with on the first day (Memphis was one of them), how he felt about his punishment, and if he received any apologies from people inside the house after everything that happened on the Big Brother live feeds.

Some apologies to Ian from BB22 cast members

While speaking with Eric and Nicole, Ian mentioned that Dani came to him in the jury house and apologized for what she had said about him in the game. Ian said that he “appreciated” Dani being honest with him about starting the rumor that Ian was faking his autism.

That led to discussions about what Memphis and members of The Committee did on the live feeds. We recently re-shared the video clips where Ian was getting made fun of by Memphis, Dani, Cody, Christmas Abbott, and Nicole Franzel at different times.

Ian said on the podcast that he has since seen those video clips, sharing that it “definitely stung” when he saw what had taken place when he was out of the room. Ian also stated that he and Memphis had conversations about it in the jury house, but that he learned much more about it when he saw footage after the season.

As for whether or not Ian plans to attend the wedding of Nicole Franzel, the clip below answers that question very succinctly.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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