Big Brother: Memphis Garrett answers questions about Ian Terry, Christmas Abbott, and David Alexander

Memphis Eviction Night BB22
Memphis Garrett was evicted from the BB22 house in fifth place. Pic credit: CBS

Memphis Garrett was evicted from the Big Brother house and has been doing his post-show interviews.

He answered several questions, including why he targeted David Alexander, how his alliances broke down, and why he felt Nicole Franzel worked to get him out of the house.

Memphis also spoke about Christmas Abbott and his relationship with her this season.

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But one of the topics that some fans wanted to be addressed was his mocking Ian Terry while they were both in the house.

Memphis gives his post-eviction interviews

Below is an interview that Memphis gave to ET Canada when his time in the game was over. He addressed all of the topics listed above and then spoke at length about Ian.

“With me and Ian — Ian played an amazing game — but I caught on to his game,” Memphis explained.

“He had this persona the first half of the game where he was nervous and timid and very, like, uncomfortable, but as soon as we hit to like the second half of the game, this kid has, you know, the most confidence.”

Memphis continued by talking about how he felt Ian changed in the second half and that this was why he mocked him to other houseguests.

“He was put together; you know the way that he was communicating was totally different. So, I was just showing that and giving it light,” Memphis said before trying to explain his relationship with Ian.

“At the end of the day, me and Ian have a great relationship, and anything I said or did, and people got offended, I meant no harm by it.”

Memphis Garrett Responds After Mocking Ian Terry On 'Big Brother: All-Stars' Live Feeds

Memphis speaks to Us Weekly

Below is a video of another post-eviction interview that Memphis gave.

This one was with Us Weekly, and he talked more about the eviction and his relationship with Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling.

Memphis finished in second place during the epic season that Dan won.

Dan would return to play again as a member of the Big Brother 14 cast, while Memphis was brought back for Big Brother 22.

It was as a member of the BB14 cast that Dan pulled off his funeral to escape the block. That was also the season that Ian Terry ended up winning, thanks in part to a final two agreement with Dan.

Big Brother: All-Stars' Memphis Garrett Talks Eviction, What He Learned From Dan

Big Brother 22 approaches the end

There are only roughly two weeks left until we find out the Big Brother 22 winner. There are six episodes left on the CBS TV schedule, including a bonus Friday night installment.

A lot has taken place inside the house following the eviction of Memphis Garrett, and we have a full breakdown of the recent BB22 spoilers.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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