Memphis Garrett says he is getting death threats from Big Brother fans

Memphis At BB22 Finale
Memphis Garrett and Da’Vonne Rogers watched final two speak on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Memphis Garrett is back on social media following his fifth-place finish on Big Brother 22. What he might not have expected was the fan response he has received.

The actions that Memphis undertook by first pushing often and intensely to get David Alexander out of the game and then continuously making fun of Ian Terry didn’t sit well with a lot of Big Brother fans.

On the live feeds, it became particularly bad, especially with Memphis poking fun at Ian having autism. The fact that it followed Daniele Donato saying Ian was faking his autism compounded the situation.

After Memphis got evicted from the Big Brother house, he answered questions about the situation with Ian, but he further insinuated that Ian was trying to “game” them.

Memphis says he is getting death threats

Today, Memphis went on Instagram to try out a Mornings with Memphis segment to speak about what he has been going through. Shockingly, he also stated that he is getting death threats from people online.

“After yesterday, me posting turning on my comments, which was pretty interesting, still a lot of hate coming through, which I feel like there’s an issue with this,” Memphis can be seen saying in the video posted below.

“The fact that these people continue to send me crazy messages… death threats… I find it very interesting. But you know what, if I have to be their punching bag and they wanna get their point across, by all means, but you will still get blocked,” Memphis continued.

He goes on to talk about how surprised he is that some people have so much hate in their hearts and that he doesn’t hate anyone.

Memphis has received a lot of support from people in the comments section of his video as well, but comments on his posts have been limited, so he is also editing what people can and cannot say to him.

For fans of Memphis, it appears that he is going to continue posting Instagram videos based on how this one went, so if you want to see more content from him in the future, make sure to head on over and leave him a note.


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Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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