Nicole Franzel speaks about Big Brother 22 experience, wedding plans in new podcast with fiance Victor Arroyo

Nicole Franzel BB22 House
Nicole Franzel was a part of the Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo hosted their first podcast episode since she left to be a part of the Big Brother 22 cast.

The first new episode of Coco Caliente was just posted online, and Nicole immediately started speaking about her preparation to return to the show.

Nicole said that she was trying to lose weight to be on the show, and that involved exercising more and changing up her diet a bit. She said she lost that momentum when she went into sequester in July and wasn’t allowed to really work out.

The Big Brother 18 winner then started talking about how long it took her to pack for the show and how much shopping went into the process. She said that she wanted to have a “cute style” on TV.

She also spoke at length about the clothing restrictions that the BB22 cast had to follow.

“You need to have like solid colors, you can’t have thin stripes-thin polka dots, no white, no black, usually no green, but this season there’s no green screens, so we were able to bring in green, so I took full advantage of that,” Nicole stated about the clothing situation.

But don’t get too excited, they are saving a lot of the Big Brother spoilers and dramatic reveals.

“So, for today, we’ll skip through the actual Big Brother stuff,” Victor stated. “That’s something that we really want to get into next week. Like maybe rumors, stuff that was swirling around that you want to clear up or talk about. We’ll talk about that next week.”

The rest of the podcast was about getting back into their real lives.

Nicole and Victor get back to work on podcast

The full podcast for Coco Caliente is linked below. On the podcast, Nicole describes her experience playing the game this time as “hell.”

Nicole and Victor then got into the topics of her coming out of the house, how she has adjusted to the real world again, and what is going on with their wedding plans.

Regarding the wedding, it was supposed to take place on December 9 overseas. The resort they were going to have it at will not be opening and the wedding has officially been postponed until spring 2021.

For fans of Nicole Franzel or Victor Arroyo, it is definitely worth listening to. It runs at just over 45 minutes. It could also be of interest to fans of the show who don’t know all the ins-and-outs of the Big Brother experience and how it can be difficult to do.

More Big Brother news

A new policy has been revealed for shows like Big Brother and Survivor. The policy is meant to ensure that future casts include at least 50 percent people of color.

There are also continued rumors about Celebrity Big Brother taking place this winter, which would be great for fans who would enjoy seeing it on TV again.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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