Big Brother Battleback: Nominee convinces herself of BB24 second chance

Monte HOH BB24
HOH Monte Taylor had a good week in charge. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother Battleback challenges have given several past houseguests new opportunities to get back into the game.

Typically, the challenges involve the first few houseguests evicted during a season or the first few people who have made it to the jury.

Winning a Big Brother Battleback typically puts a cast member right back in the game, though they are often at a huge disadvantage, with the house already looking to send them home.

The Big Brother live feed spoilers from this week paint the picture that Nicole Layog is about to be the next person evicted from the BB24 cast. She worked hard to become a pawn next to Taylor Hale, but that was a huge mistake.

As the August 4 Eviction Ceremony draws a little closer, she has begun convincing herself that she will receive a second chance to get back in the game. Whether she really believes this or it is a desperate attempt to keep hope alive is a big question, though.

Ahead of the August 4 episode of the show, Nicole is still intent on studying the Memory Wall and working on the dates that events took place in the Big Brother house this summer. She really wants to win a challenge and then show her enemies what’s up.

A Big Brother Battleback for BB24 is very unlikely

Paloma Aguilar, Pooch, and Ameerah Jones have all been sent home after exiting the Big Brother house. And in the cases of Pooch and Ameerah, host Julie Chen Moonves revealed secrets about the BB24 cast to them.

Since Julie has been so forthcoming with information and evictees have been sent home, a Big Brother Battleback seems pretty unlikely for the BB24 cast at this point. At the same time, we have seen individual challenges like the one with Kaitlyn Herman on BB20, where one person was given a task to complete to gain re-entry.

More Big Brother news

In some sad news from the show, Christmas Abbott from BB19 says her aunt went missing. She has been trying to draw attention to the case on her social media account.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, a Big Brother 24 showmance became official on the live feeds. It could certainly add a few wrinkles to the game as the summer season progresses.

On the August 4 episode of Big Brother, it will be either Nicole Layog or Taylor Hale getting their meeting with Julie. Unless, of course, a twist presents itself that allows the ladies to both remain in the game.

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Let Nichole go out…..she is a bully