Big Brother’s Christmas Abbott says her aunt is missing

Christmas On BB22
Christmas Abbott appeared on the BB19 and BB22 casts. Pic credit: CBS

Christmas Abbott from Big Brother 19 took to her Instagram account to spread the news about her missing aunt.

According to Christmas, her aunt, Betty Rowland (Pemberton) went missing on the night of August 1, 2022 from Henderson, Texas.

Christmas went live on her Instagram account to spread the word about the situation and it was clear that she was very broken up about it.

She asked that anyone with any information about her aunt disappearing should immediately call the Henderson police (903-649-0968).

Christmas stated that her aunt is 64 years old and that she was driving a dark green 1998 Toyota Tacoma on August 1.

The last known location of her aunt was stated to be the Depot Chevron on 259 and that it was at about 11:30 p.m. local time that she was spotted.

They are asking for anyone who might know anything to immediately call in.

Christmas Abbott’s aunt is Betty Rowland

Below is an Instagram Live photo that Christmas shared to make sure people know what her aunt looks like.

Christmas Aunt Missing
Christmas Abbott said that her aunt is missing. Pic credit: @ChristmasAbbott/Instagram

The details on Betty Rowland going missing

Below are the details that Christmas posted to her Instagram page, where she stated that any information could be helpful. As she has stated, they believe that her aunt went missing near a Chevron station in Texas.

A phone number has been listed with instructions on what people with information about Bettey Rowland should do.

Christmas Aunt Details
Details on the aunt of Christmas Abbott. Pic credit: @ChristmasAbbott/Instagram

Christmas is now married to Memphis Garrett

For any Big Brother fans who hadn’t heard the news yet, Christmas Abbott got married to Memphis Garrett recently. The couple met as members of the BB22 cast, where they struck up a friendship that turned into much more after the season came to a close.

Memphis had previously appeared on Big Brother 10, while Christmas first appeared on Big Brother 19. They were both invited back to participate in Big Brother All-Stars 2 (BB22), where only former houseguests got a chance to compete during the summer.

It was clear on the live feeds that some chemistry was developing between Christmas and Memphis while the season was going, so it wasn’t very surprising when they started dating following the season finale.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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