Big Brother alum who is 90 years old wants to play again

Jerry Big Brother 10
Jerry MacDonald was a part of the Big Brother 10 cast in 2008. Pic credit: John P. Filo/CBS

Big Brother 10 houseguest Jerry MacDonald wants to play the game again.

At least that’s what BB10 winner Dan Gheesling just shared.

Dan states that he just talked to Jerry, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

According to Dan, Jerry told him that he wants another shot at living in the Big Brother house.

It was way back in 2008 when Jerry was part of the BB10 cast. He finished in third place, with Dan winning and Memphis Garrett finishing in second place.

At that time, Jerry was already 75 years old, making him the oldest person who has ever played the game. The prize was also only $500,000 for winning back then, rather than the $750,000 prize that Xavier Prather and Taylor Hale won.

Dan Gheesling updates Big Brother fans on Jerry MacDonald

“Today is Jerry’s 90th birthday. Talked to him last week,” Dan posted on Twitter.

“Jerry works 3 days a week at Lowe’s in York PA – he said to come visit him. He lifts 100+ lb boxes for customers. He has a girlfriend who is 20 years younger than him,” Dan went on to share about the conversation he had with Jerry.

“He wants another shot at going on the show,” the post ended unexpectedly.

Dan Gheesling Writes About Jerry MacDonald
Dan Gheesling writes about Jerry MacDonald online. Pic credit: @DanGheesling/Twitter

An updated photo of Big Brother alum Jerry MacDonald

Dan has also returned to Twitter to share an updated photo of Jerry.

And it looks like Dan was right in his assessment that Jerry must have a DNA cheat code because the man looks really good for being 90 years old.

Could he handle an entire summer in the Big Brother house again? What we know is that he sure made things interesting with his arguments and the conversations he had with Renny Martyn that summer.

For Big Brother fans who want to go back and see Jerry in action, all episodes of Big Brother 10 are available for streaming on Paramount+. It was a classic season of the show and one that featured quite a few interesting characters.

More Big Brother news

A lot of alums attended a BB25 casting call that just took place. Janelle Pierzina also relayed an interesting story that she says took place on that big day.

Soon enough, a new group of houseguests will be showing up on the live feeds, and here are some possible BB25 start dates.

And in other news, Janelle and Nicole Franzel are feuding over preparations for a new reality competition show that will air on television soon.

Big Brother 25 airs during the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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10 days ago

I hope the show airs on CBS. I really want to see over the top will you please show it on Paramont🙏As for Jerry NO Dan yes