Janelle Pierzina calls out Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel for being a ‘villain’

Janelle Instagram Photo
Janelle Pierzina has played on four seasons of Big Brother. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Instagram

Big Brother alum Janelle Pierzina went after Nicole Franzel in a series of new posts on social media.

According to Janelle, Nicole is in line to appear in a new version of Battle of the Network Stars for Amazon.

Janelle went on to accuse Nicole of pre-gaming, which means planning out strategies with other cast members before filming even begins.

Pre-gaming was something that many Big Brother fans disliked about the BB22 season, where several returning houseguests were accused of doing it.

During Big Brother All-Stars 2 (BB22), Janelle and Nicole were both houseguests, but it was Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo who made it to the final two that season.

Prior to that, Janelle had played Big Brother four times, and Nicole had played it twice. Nicole also won Big Brother 18.

Janelle Pierzina posts about Nicole Franzel

“Your real spoiler girl is here with some tea,” Janelle wrote at the beginning of a new tweet.

“Not only did Nicole ruin Small Stars by pregaming, but now she is trying to pregame for a new show on Amazon called Battle of the Network Stars. If she is ultimately cast, hopefully she can own up to being a villain this time,” Janelle went on to write.

Later, Janelle would return to respond to a comment from one of her followers.

“And why does she continue to pregame? just say no to pregaming people! It ruins reality television and the fans deserve better,” Janelle stated.

Janelle Twitter Post
A Twitter post by Janelle Pierzina has sparked some drama. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Janelle doesn’t like pre-gaming

Responding to several other Twitter users, Janelle shared her opinion that pre-gaming ruins shows. She didn’t stop there, though, as she called Big Brother 22 the worst show in decades.

When it was airing on CBS, there were many Big Brother fans calling the BB22 season too predictable due to the pre-existing friendships and accusations of pre-gaming. Most of the season made it look like a majority group had discussed working together before the show even started filming.

If Janelle’s accusations about cast members working together before Battle of the Network Stars even films, that might ruin the experience for a lot of viewers.

More news from Big Brother

Elsewhere in the world of Big Brother, fellow BB22 houseguest Tyler Crispen said he was struggling with depression.

Later, Tyler shared his audition tape on YouTube, letting fans see what he said to try to get on the show.

And for fans who might want to appear in the upcoming season, a new way to apply in person was just announced.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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