Big Brother alum Tyler Crispen shares his audition tape, gets embarrassed

Tyler Crispen Video
Former Big Brother player Tyler Crispen shared a fun video about himself. Pic credit: Tyler Crispen/YouTube

Tyler Crispen from Big Brother 20 did a live-reaction video to the audition tape he submitted to be on the show.

He submitted the tape back when he was living in Australia, and one of the big things Tyler wanted to sell himself on was his hair.

The tape goes on to relay that Tyler is a big fan of the show before he jumps right into the strategies he would use to play the game.

While the video plays for the viewers, Tyler is shown watching it and reacting in a split-screen format.

Several times, Tyler can be seen cringing about what his younger self was saying as he tried to get on an earlier season than the one he appeared on.

And as Big Brother fans already know, Tyler became a member of the BB20 cast and was invited back to be on Big Brother All-Stars 2.

Tyler Crispen’s audition tape to be on Big Brother

The video shared below begins with a quick recap of Tyler’s time on Big Brother 20, which included him being named America’s Favorite Houseguest that season.

Though he made it to the final two, Tyler came up just short of Kaycee Clark regarding the BB20 jury vote.

He begins sharing his Big Brother audition tape at about the two-minute mark for viewers who want to skip ahead.

More news from Tyler Crispen and Big Brother

Recently, Tyler spoke about suffering from depression, noting that it kept him from being the person he remembered from his first time on the reality competition show.

It became part of a new video series that Tyler has been putting up on YouTube, where he talks about what has happened in his life.

For any fans who hadn’t heard the news, his engagement to Angela Rummans came to an end. They had met in the Big Brother house before eventually moving in together and getting engaged.

Though he has already played the game twice, many fans would like to see Tyler return if another season of the show features returners.

As for the show coming back, a new season of Big Brother will be featured on CBS this summer. Many rumors about a potential format have surfaced, including a former houseguest stating they are excited about an all-winners season of Big Brother.

In other news about the show, former winners Rachel Reilly and Taylor Hale hung out in NYC and posed for a fun picture.

Additionally, Big Brother 23 houseguest Derek Frazier says he wants to play on a new season of The Traitors coming soon to Peacock.

Big Brother 25 airs in the Summer of 2023 on CBS.

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