Big Brother alum says the live feeds delay for ‘BB26’ is ‘catastrophic’

Cory On Big Brother 25
Cory Wurtenberger from BB25 shared some thoughts on Big Brother 26. Pic credit: CBS

News about the upcoming Big Brother season has been coming out, and a BB25 cast member has shared his thoughts.

It was recently revealed that the live feeds for BB26 may be delayed. This is due to the houseguests moving into the house before the season premiere.

A BB26 rumor revealed that the cast members will have their move-in day on Tuesday, July 16.

The first episode airs on Wednesday, July 17, giving the producers time to pre-record and edit the premiere.

The BB26 season premiere is also spread over two nights, with the second part airing on Thursday, July 18.

What does it all mean? It means that the BB26 cast begins playing the game on July 16 and the live feeds might not be available until July 18 (late).

Cory Wurtenberger shares his thoughts on the possible delay of live feeds

Social media has been buzzing about the rumor of a taped move-in and the live feeds possibly being delayed.

It led to Cory Wurtenberger from the Big Brother 25 cast sharing his thoughts. Cory finished eighth place on BB25 and was in a showmance with America Lopez for most of the summer.

“Seeing some bat***t tweets today,” Cory wrote on X.

“Live premieres are usually super awkward to watch, but sacrificing night one (and potentially more) feeds is catastrophic. You’d have missed the entire reason Kirsten was targeted along with the foundations of so many alliances on 25,” the Big Brother alum elaborated.

He refers to Kirsten Elwin – a fellow BB25 cast member who played the game too hard in the early days. Shortly after Luke Valentine was expelled, Kirsten became the first person voted out.

We indeed miss stuff while the feeds are turned off because it’s up to the producers to decide what gets shared. A tidbit we missed in Big Brother 21 was a showmance between Kat Dunn and Jackson Michie from before the first episode aired. They had already gone their separate ways when the feeds were turned on.

Is a cleaned-up premiere night worth missing out on the early hours of the live feeds?

Cory W BB26 Tweet
Cory from BB25 shared his thoughts on BB26 feeds. Pic credit: @corywurtnberger/X

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