Big Brother alum Daniele Donato reviews new Christmas movies

Daniele On BB8
Daniele Donato is one of the former houseguests featured in the new BB25 commercial. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Daniele Donato, who has played Big Brother three times, has been reviewing Christmas movies and sharing her thoughts online.

It was way back on Season 8 that Big Brother fans got to know Daniele, where she was part of a twist that included featuring her estranged dad (Evel Dick Donato) as part of the same cast.

Daniele would then return to play Big Brother 14, meeting her future husband, Dominic Briones, as she competed for a second time.

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When the show was casting another All-Stars season, Daniele was invited back to play on Big Brother 22, finishing in seventh place that time around.

Going by Dani Briones now, she continues to be a fan-favorite for Big Brother fans, and she posts a lot about her growing family on social media.

Recently, Dani and Dominic even made the list of the 10 most intriguing Big Brother showmances.

Dani Donato reviews Christmas movies

Taking to her Instagram page, Dani shared reviews of five new Christmas movies that are airing on television and streaming services.

First up, she shared her thoughts on a new Hallmark film called A Holiday Spectacular. The film stars Ginna Claire Mason and Ann-Margret, and netted an impressive grade from Dani.

Dani Movie Review 1
Dani Donato reviews A Holiday Spectacular. Pic credit: @its_danibri/Instagram

Next up, Dani reviews A Christmas Spark from Lifetime. This one didn’t get as good of a grade from her, but she did like seeing the actress who used to play Dr. Quinn on television.

Dani Movie Review 2
Dani Donato reviews A Christmas Spark. Pic credit: @its_danibri/Instagram

The third film that Dani reviewed is called A Christmas Mystery. She thought that it was a “cute” endeavor from HBO Max, but noted that she would probably not be watching it again.

Dani Movie Review 3
Dani Donato reviews A Christmas Mystery. Pic credit: @its_danibri/Instagram

That brings us to the review of A Royal Corgi Christmas that Dani shared. This is a Hallmark film that has a lot to do with dogs, and that is also referenced in Dani’s grading.

Dani Movie Review 4
Dani Donato reviews A Royal Corgi Christmas. Pic credit: @its_danibri/Instagram

The final film that Dani reviewed is called Steppin’ Into the Holiday and it stars Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer. She felt that this Lifetime movie had a cute storyline, but it also didn’t receive an impressive grade.

Dani Movie Review 5
Dani Donato reviews Steppin Into the Holiday. Pic credit: @its_danibri/Instagram

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