10 Big Brother showmances that enamored fans of the show

Jessica From BB19
Jessica was part of the 2017 Big Brother cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother showmances have led to many successful relationships outside of the game.

When it comes to forming couples, Big Brother seems to be even better at it than a lot of dating shows on television.

Over the years, quite a few relationships have started in the Big Brother house or evolved from the jury phase.

Not every relationship survives in the real world, though, especially concerning people living in different parts of the country.

And sometimes, the spark that houseguests find between themselves doesn’t survive the whole game or last very long once the confetti has fallen.

Below is a list of 10 Big Brother showmances that fans of the show have enjoyed following. Not everyone can make the top 10, though.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11

Oftentimes, Jeff and Jordan are referred to as Big Brother showmance royalty, as the two BB11 cast members fell in love and have been together for years outside of the game.

After Jordan won Big Brother 11, they returned as a couple on BB13 before going to The Amazing Race and having two kids. This is the very definition of a successful Big Brother showmance.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 12

Rachel and Brendon met as members of the BB12 cast and quickly established a relationship. The duo soon had targets on their backs due to their relationship and how hard Rachel played the game.

Brought back as a couple on the BB13 cast, Rachel and Brendon nearly made it to the end together, with Rachel eventually emerging as the Big Brother 13 winner.

The couple has also been on The Amazing Race, and they have had two kids together after getting married.

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from Big Brother 13

Dani and Dominic met as members of the BB13 cast, where Dani had actually been invited back as a teammate with her dad, Evel Dick Donato. After he was forced to self-evict early on, Dani got close to Dominic, and that relationship carried into the real world.

The married couple now has two kids together and shares many fun family photos on social media.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo from Big Brother 18

Nicole and Victor met as members of the BB18 cast, but they were only friends on the show. After returning to the real world, though, they struck up a relationship that has continued.

Victor actually proposed to Nicole in the Big Brother house while the BB20 cast was residing there, and since then, they have gotten married and have had a baby together. They also found time to appear on The Amazing Race.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19

Jessica and Cody met as members of the BB19 cast and quickly became enamored with one another. After Cody had to nominate too many people in Week 1 due to twists and turns, he acquired a target on his back that wouldn’t go away. From there, it only made the relationship between Jessica and Cody stronger as they battled against the world.

Outside of the house, Jessica and Cody won a season of The Amazing Race, got married, and now they have three kids that they love taking to theme parks. Recently, the Nickson family did theme Halloween costumes.

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C from Big Brother 20

Bayleigh and Swaggy C (real name Chris Williams) met as members of the BB20 cast and struck up a very quick relationship. Though Swaggy C got sent home early, he returned on finale night and successfully proposed to Bayleigh.

The couple has also gotten married and recently had a baby. They share many of their adventures on social media and have moved to Puerto Rico to start a new chapter in their lives.

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen from Big Brother 20

Angela and Tyler had a showmance going as members of the BB20 cast, but they tried to keep it a secret from the rest of the houseguests for most of the summer.

The duo played the game strongly and then took their relationship into the real world, where they started up a business, got engaged, and gained a lot of followers on social media who loved cheering on their love.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 22

Christmas and Memphis had both played Big Brother before they were invited back for an All-Stars season. As members of the BB22 cast, there was a spark between the pair that ended up carrying into the real world.

The Big Brother alums each had a kid from a previous relationship and have now gotten married in order to join those families together. They take a lot of trips together and share them on their social media accounts.

Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao from Big Brother 23

Claire and Derek X were a part of the Big Brother 23 cast, but they, unfortunately, found themselves on the outside of The Cookout alliance. Maybe that was a good thing, though, as their relationship began in the BB23 jury house after they got evicted.

The couple is getting featured on The Amazing Race 34, and they appear to be enjoying life together. If they end up winning that $1 million prize together, it might help them pay for a future wedding.

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin from Big Brother 24

Taylor and Joseph developed a friendship early in Summer 2022 as members of the BB24 cast. It appeared they were close to a showmance, but Joseph got evicted during a twist where he had to spend a week in the backyard.

After the season came to a close, Taylor and Joseph began spending a lot of time together and have since confirmed that they are dating. Currently, they are the most popular Big Brother showmance on social media, especially due to the freshness of their relationship.

Honorable mentions for Big Brother showmances that intrigued fans the most over the years are Holly Allen and Jackson Michie from Big Brother 21; Mike “Boogie” Malin and Krista Stegall from Big Brother 2; Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17; and Haleigh Broucher and Fessy Shafaat from Big Brother 20.  

Soon, we might also have to add Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider to the list. Kyle and Alyssa are teasing fans that they are dating after reuniting following the BB24 season.

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