Big Brother All-Stars preview released: Two-minute video promotes BB22

BB19 End
The new Big Brother cast is ready to be celebrated. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother All-Stars preview video has been released in order to create some additional buzz for the summer 2020 installment.

Host Julie Chen Moonves is along for the ride as the video starts by showcasing her different looks over the years.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the show, which is a really big deal based on how the reality competition started out so many years ago.

With the premiere set to take place on the night of August 5, this might be the last real promotional video or commercial that fans get to see before the BB22 cast walks through the front door.

Big Brother All-Stars preview video

Below is the BB All-Stars 2 preview video. It features Julie and the executive producers of the show explaining what fans should expect this summer.

The video also does a great job of showing some of the most interesting personalities over the 20 years that the show has aired on CBS. It’s the perfect precursor to everything getting started on August 5.

One quote to take away from the preview is when executive producer Rich Meehan states that the season premiere is going to be an “action-packed two hours.” We can’t wait!

An exciting new season of Big Brother All-Stars

It’s big news that the CBS show is going to roll with a second installment of Big Brother All-Stars this summer. The first time it was done was with Big Brother 7 – way back in 2006.

On BB All-Stars 1, it was Mike “Boogie” Malin who beat out Erika Landin on the season finale. The fan-favorite from that season was Janelle Pierzina, who is now rumored to be returning for BB22 as well.

CBS hasn’t officially revealed the names of the returners, yet, but there are a lot of rumors out there about the BB22 cast. One thing they did present were some quotes from people playing the game again.

Slight schedule change for BB22 season

During a typical summer season, the premiere airs on a Wednesday night and CBS then follows that up with another episode on Thursday. It’s usually a two-night event, but that’s not taking place this year.

Get familiar with the new Big Brother 2020 schedule, as it’s jumping around a bit before settling in for the rest of summer and early fall. The most important part of it comes at 9/8c on August 5.

This is going to be an exciting ride, with 16 returning players all trying to become the ultimate winner of the game. In addition to the preview shared above, we also have a full house tour from Julie Chen that gives a longer sneak peek about what’s to come.

Big Brother All-Stars debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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