Julie Chen says she pushed for Celebrity Big Brother this winter

If it was up to host Julie Chen Moonves, Celebrity Big Brother would be taking place this winter on CBS. In a recent podcast interview that Julie did with Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto, the topic of Celebrity Big Brother 3 came up and Julie had a lot to say about it. There had been


Kevin Campbell from Big Brother All-Stars 2 was shocked by gift from Julie Chen

Kevin Campbell is fresh off of competing on Big Brother All-Stars 2 and meeting with host Julie Chen during his exit interview. This was the second time that Kevin has competed on the hit reality competition show and the sit-down interviews he has had with Julie are always interesting. After finishing in third place on


Big Brother All-Stars preview released: Two-minute video promotes BB22

A Big Brother All-Stars preview video has been released in order to create some additional buzz for the summer 2020 installment. Host Julie Chen Moonves is along for the ride as the video starts by showcasing her different looks over the years. This year is the 20th anniversary of the show, which is a really


Big Brother All-Stars: Julie Chen confirms cast members positive for COVID-19

Big Brother All-Stars begins on Wednesday and host Julie Chen is doing some press ahead of the new season. On Tuesday, she did a virtual interview with CBSN Los Angeles, speaking about the BB22 cast. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down from the site, but we do have some quotes that were taken by


Big Brother All-Stars house tour given by Julie Chen, video released

CBS has released a Big Brother All-Stars house tour led by host Julie Chen. This new look at the Big Brother house provides even more information about what things will look like on the show this season. It’s interesting to note that the producers even went with some murals of former houseguests on the walls.


Who will be on Big Brother 2020? Host Julie Chen has a riddle

The answer to who will be on Big Brother 2020 may have already been provided by host Julie Chen Moonves. But she did it in riddle-form, leading to a lot of debate about what she was getting at in her latest social media post. This isn’t even the first time that Julie has gone to


Big Brother news: What is host Julie Chen hinting at on social media?

Big Brother news has been all over the place this week, and that includes host Julie Chen Moonves making a social media post that has fans buzzing about the possibilities. Over the years, Julie has made a habit of teasing fans with posts on social media that hint about what’s to come on the show.


Big Brother host Julie Chen teases fans with BB22 video on social media

Big Brother host Julie Chen has awakened from her offseason slumber. Following a lot of indications that the BB22 cast will officially be announced soon, Julie took to social media to post a huge tease of her own. Earlier in the day, TMZ dropped a report that included some of the people they claim are


Big Brother fans upset CBS using Julie Chen to promote Tough As Nails

Big Brother fans want BB22 cast information and not Tough As Nails promotions using Julie Chen. And those fans are not shy about sharing their thoughts on the issue through social media posts. The Big Brother Season 22 cast revelation has been delayed, which has frustrated a lot of fans who really want to watch