Big Brother fans upset CBS using Julie Chen to promote Tough As Nails

Julie Chen BB House
Julie Chen is back as Big Brother host. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans want BB22 cast information and not Tough As Nails promotions using Julie Chen. And those fans are not shy about sharing their thoughts on the issue through social media posts.

The Big Brother Season 22 cast revelation has been delayed, which has frustrated a lot of fans who really want to watch the reality competition show this summer. And now the Tough As Nails promotions have really started.

What is Tough As Nails?

CBS is rolling out a new reality competition show that gets started on Wednesday, July 8. It’s called Tough As Nails and has Phil Keoghan serving as the host.

Phil is also the host of The Amazing Race, giving him double-duty on the network for the time being. As CBS delays airing the latest season of Race — which was already filmed and completed — Tough As Nails joins the schedule.

The premise of this new show is that everyday Americans who typically get their hands dirty during long hours on the job are going to test their skills and resolve for some great prize money.

The video below gives a good look at what the show will be like.

Julie Chen and Tough As Nails

While Big Brother fans eagerly anticipate any information they can learn about the Big Brother Season 22 cast, the social media accounts for the show have been teasing Tough As Nails.

The teasers have included images of Julie Chen like the one below:

Julie Chen TAN
Julie Chen used for TAN ads. Pic credit: @CBSBigBrother/Twitter

Lack of Big Brother Season 22 cast information gets to fans

Jokes, snide comments, and frustrations from Big Brother fans have quickly followed the cross-promotions taking place on social media, especially since Julie has nothing to do with the Tough As Nails show.

This tweet sums up a lot of feelings (so does the first response to it):

Frustrations on lack of BB22 cast info. Pic credit: @rbbq/Twitter

Another fan named Wes pleaded for something (anything) about BB22:

Big Brother Fan
BB fans are getting frustrated. Pic credit: @fatstaryu/Twitter

Not every fan was as pleasant in their posts on social media and some of them even stated that they wouldn’t be watching Tough As Nails until they received an update on Big Brother.

TAN boycott
Will Big Brother fans boycott Tough As Nails? Pic credit: @NikaDreamscape/Twitter

With all of the delays, it has been tough for fans of Big Brother to remain patient, but at least CBS is still committed to getting the show on the air as soon as possible.

Soon enough, the network will be releasing specific information about the Big Brother Season 22 cast, but it may never be soon enough for every fan of the show. Until then, maybe Tough As Nails is worth checking out on Wednesday nights?

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS. Tough As Nails airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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