Julie Chen says she pushed for Celebrity Big Brother this winter

Julie Chen Moonves remains the host of Big Brother USA. Pic credit: CBS

If it was up to host Julie Chen Moonves, Celebrity Big Brother would be taking place this winter on CBS.

In a recent podcast interview that Julie did with Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto, the topic of Celebrity Big Brother 3 came up and Julie had a lot to say about it.

There had been a lot of rumors that CBB3 could take place this winter and that the network was looking into it.

It looks like Julie has a lot of the information that fans have been looking for, but much of it is not good for fans of the celebrity format.

Julie shares her thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother

“I would love to see another Celebrity Big Brother and I think now is the time to do it because most celebrities, they’re not living that jet-set lifestyle of traveling and having to go to their movie premieres,” Julie stated as she explained why CBB would work really well right now.

She also touched on how celebrities aren’t taking all of the vacations that they normally might go on at this time of the year, meaning the pool of potential players could be much larger for CBS to tap into.

“The producer and I were pushing for it,” Julie continued. “But the network said ‘no. Not yet.'”

The trio addressed that point of CBS stating “not yet” and it seemed like a strong hint that the celebrity version of the reality television show could still reappear at some point.

For now, though, it looks like we may have to put to bed thoughts of it popping up in January or February of 2021. We will also avoid thinking about the network possibly replacing Big Brother 23 with a celebrity version in summer 2021.

Below is the full interview that Julie Chen Moonves did with Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto. They touched on a number of other topics, including holiday plans and, of course, a lot of Big Brother chatter.

Big Brother 23 is on the horizon

CBS has already renewed the summer version of Big Brother and the production team and casting director are working at putting together the BB23 cast. For fans hoping to play on the next season of the show, applications are still open online.

Former houseguests have been all over social media in recent months and some even popped up on a recent episode of Catfish on MTV.

Elsewhere, Kaycee Clark spoke about why she was removed from Big Brother 22 and Christmas Abbott claimed that Janelle Pierzina ruined the game of Nicole Anthony on BB All-Stars 2.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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