Kevin Campbell from Big Brother All-Stars 2 was shocked by gift from Julie Chen

Kevin BB22 Surprised
Kevin Campbell appeared on the Big Brother 2020 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Kevin Campbell is fresh off of competing on Big Brother All-Stars 2 and meeting with host Julie Chen during his exit interview.

This was the second time that Kevin has competed on the hit reality competition show and the sit-down interviews he has had with Julie are always interesting.

After finishing in third place on Big Brother 11, Kevin was invited back to be a part of Big Brother 22 during the coronavirus pandemic. It never seemed like he found comfort, though, and struggled to make alliances.

Kevin did find a way to survive the block numerous times, but he ended up finishing in ninth place when he was voted out during his fifth nomination week. Kevin then joined the BB22 jury where he voted for Cody Calafiore to become the winner.

Social media video shows Kevin opening Julie’s gift

“They sent me a bible,” Kevin says exasperatingly as he dives into the box that he thinks has come from Big Brother. “Oh my God. They’re like ‘you are so un-Christianlike.'”

Kevin opened the package live and it was then uploaded to Reddit. After he saw the post go up (thanks to a fan), he then took to Twitter to write his own note to fans.

Y’all I hope I don’t seem ungrateful about the Big Brother gift I was sent! If you want to laugh with me take a look. WOW thanks to whoever cut this!” Kevin wrote on Twitter.

In the video, Kevin eventually gets to the card, which turns out to be from Julie Chen herself. In addition to the bible, Julie also sent Kevin granola and a nice insulated coffee cup.

Fans were a bit mixed in their reactions to the gift and to the video, with some unclear why a bible had become a gift to him. Kevin seemed to take it all in stride.

Big Brother houseguests to star on TV shows

There has been some interesting news coming out about other houseguests appearing on various television shows over the next few weeks.

Da’Vonne Rogers, who appeared on the BB22 cast with Kevin Campbell, just revealed that she will be on The Bold and the Beautiful next week.

A former Big Brother star is also going to be appearing on an episode of Catfish, which is an MTV reality show that looks into online relationships where people haven’t met in person yet.

And for Big Brother fans who enjoy the competition aspect of the show, several former houseguests are on this season of The Challenge on MTV. The first few episodes have already been packed with drama.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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