Former Big Brother star to appear on MTV’s Catfish, has been arrested

Michael Ellis Big Brother
Michael Ellis became very well-known for his cowboy hat on Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Michael “Cowboy” Ellis from Big Brother 5 is about to star in an episode of Catfish: The TV Show.

The Big Brother star made a name for himself by finishing second place on the BB5 cast.

Some fans were upset that he didn’t get invited back to play on Big Brother All-Stars when it took place just two summers later.

Now, nearly 17 years after he played Big Brother, Michael is going to be featured on the hit MTV show, Catfish.

What is Catfish on MTV?

Catfish has become a really popular show on MTV that follows the journey of couples who have come together online. These online relationships have formed without the people meeting one another, and sometimes it leads to shocking results.

The show spawned from a documentary that came out in 2010 and the attention that it garnered. Due to all of the relationships that now form online, the reality show has a lot of content to work with.

It’s quite interesting that Catfish is now going to cross paths with Big Brother, and Michael Ellis is going to star on the next new episode of the program. That episode is called Michael & Julia.

The synopsis for Season 8, Episode 28 of Catfish reads as follows:

“Michael is a reality TV star that has fallen in love with his online dream girl, Julia, but he gets a reality check as the truth is uncovered.”

Below is a preview for the episode of Catfish: The TV Show that Michael Ellis is going to be featured on.

Who is Michael ‘Cowboy’ Ellis from Big Brother?

Michael was a 23-year-old security officer from Oklahoma when he joined the BB5 cast. He was later considered as someone for the BB7 and BB11 casts, but he didn’t make it on to the show those seasons.

Within Big Brother 5, Michael was involved in the Project DNA twist. That’s where he learned that he was competing with his half-sister, Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon. He ended up deciding to evict her at the Final Four stage of the game.

In 2019, it was reported that he had been arrested for child abuse. The situation came from an altercation with his son, who was 15 at the time. He contested the case, no charges were filed, and Michael has been working to clear his name.

The statement below is something that Michael recently put on his Twitter account.

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Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS. Catfish airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.