Who is Michael Ellis from Big Brother? Cowboy surfaces on Catfish

Michael Ellis from Big Brother just appeared on last night’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Since it has been so long since Michael was on Big Brother, it left some questions about who he was on the show. Michael wasn’t even the only former Big Brother houseguest who was talked about on Catfish. James


James Huling, Michael Ellis from Big Brother catfished by same woman

A crossover episode of Big Brother, Survivor, and Catfish took place on Tuesday night. Only, it wasn’t meant to be a crossover episode, it just revolved around Michael Ellis (BB5) and James Huling (BB18) getting catfished by the same woman. And she almost hooked Russell Hantz from Survivor as well. We knew in advance that


Former Big Brother star to appear on MTV’s Catfish, has been arrested

Michael “Cowboy” Ellis from Big Brother 5 is about to star in an episode of Catfish: The TV Show. The Big Brother star made a name for himself by finishing second place on the BB5 cast. Some fans were upset that he didn’t get invited back to play on Big Brother All-Stars when it took