Big Brother 19 houseguests Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf share new baby photos

Cody And Jessica BB19
The Nickson family shares a lot of great photos on social media. Pic credit: @codythemarine/Instagram

Fresh off their visit to Disney World in Florida, Big Brother 19 cast members Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are sharing new photos of their adorable baby.

Cody and Jessica have an Instagram account set up for this very thing, with their baby getting an early start at being a social media influencer.

Their new daughter, Carter York Nickson, was born in early October.

Carter is the second child for the successful Big Brother showmance, as they already have a roughly 20-month-old daughter named Maverick.

Cody also has another daughter named Paisley who comes from one of his prior relationships.

Carter York Nickson gets more Instagram fame

Below is the latest cute image that Cody and Jessica have shared of their beautiful baby daughter.

It is simply captioned with the words, “Pajama Day at the office ?.”

Below is another cute image that the happy couple shared of Carter in late November.

As for an internet-breaking photo — due to all of the cuteness — below is an image that the family shared of their two daughters together.

Jessica and Cody could be perfect for Big Brother couples season

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson appeared as members of the Big Brother 19 cast during the summer 2017 season. They bonded very quickly and a showmance developed between them.

There were 17 houseguests that played the game that season and Jessica was the sixth person voted out. She came up just short of making it to the BB19 jury. The very next week, Cody was the one evicted, so he became a juror and had to wait quite a while to see Jessica again.

Once they were done with Big Brother, the couple carried on their relationship in the real world, proving that they were more than just a showmance. They went on to compete (and win) on a season of The Amazing Race before getting married and having their two kids.

If the Big Brother producers ever decide to do a season based on couples, which they could do easily with former contestants like Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans getting invited back, Cody and Jessica are a duo that could help create a very interesting season for Big Brother fans.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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