Tyler Crispen finally speaks about Big Brother 22 in new interview with Angela Rummans

Tyler And Angela BB
Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans made a new video for Big Brother fans. Pic credit: Tangela Inc.

Big Brother 22 cast member Tyler Crispen took the time to sit down and answer fan questions about his time on the show this summer.

Tyler has been relatively quiet since leaving the Big Brother house, but he took part in an interview with Angela Rummans in order to finally address some topics about his time in the game.

It appears that this was a way to bring more eyes to the YouTube channel called Tangela Inc. that the couple runs, and it was certainly a way to get Tyler’s name out there again.

Tyler was one of 16 houseguests brought back to play Big Brother All-Stars 2 and he finished in sixth place when Head of Household Cody Calafiore targeted him for eviction. Cody would go on to win the show.

There were some controversial moments for Tyler in the house, including when he tried to quit the game and worked to have Christmas Abbott use him as a replacement nominee so that the other houseguests could vote him out of the game.

Before Tyler got down to answering questions about being on Big Brother 22, he addressed why he and Angela have been so quiet about his experiences from this past summer.

“We haven’t talked a lot about Big Brother, and it’s not cause we don’t like Big Brother,” Tyler states at the beginning of the video shared below. “It’s because we’re more like present and future kind of people, so, it’s not that we don’t like talking about it, but I did think that it’d be good to make like a Q and A video and answer you guy’s questions.”

Angela asks Tyler fan questions for new video

“Why did you think David didn’t trust you?” was the first question that Angela read off for Tyler.

“I think David trusted me to an extent,” answered Tyler as Angela shook her head in disagreement. “To the extent of like three percent out of 100 percent.”

Tyler went on to say that he didn’t understand why David didn’t trust him because they are friends outside of the house.

He was then asked what the grossest thing that happened this season was. He said there were no gross things but later addressed the Big Brother bidet, calling it the best thing in the house.

In addressing questions about being able to stick to his vegan diet in the house, Tyler said it was “difficult” to manage.

He answered some specific questions about when the houseguests got new foods (each Friday), and that if someone eats all of something on the first day, they might not have it replaced for the rest of the week.

Tyler also touched on not getting enough vegan foods and having to repeatedly ask for staple proteins that he and Daniele Donato could eat. He addressed something that many fans had mentioned, in that he did lose a lot of weight in the house because of it.


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Who would Tyler and Angela align with on a duos season?

The video cut out as Tyler was answering a question from Angela about which couple they would align with if they participated in a Big Brother season of duos. When it came back, they alluded to not wanting to play on a season like that and named no other couples.

Tyler and Angela would certainly be a fun couple to see on the show competing, even though that’s basically what they did during the Big Brother 20 season.

Another interesting question that Tyler answered was what his biggest regret was from Big Brother 22. He joked about it being not sneaking Angela into his suitcase when he went to California.

He later clarified by saying he has no regrets from the season. “Hindsight is 20-20, so any Big Brother player and myself can always be like, ‘yeah, I regret this, that, and that,’ but in the moment, you always go with what you feel,” Tyler stated.

The full video where Tyler Crispen answers questions from Big Brother fans is shared below for anyone who wants to see what else he had to say about the Big Brother 22 cast, Angela Rummans, and Big Brother in general.

A new season of the show is in the works, with Big Brother 23 coming soon.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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