Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore reveals when he decided to take Enzo Palumbo to final two

Cody And Enzo BB22 Hug
Cody Calafiore took Enzo Palumbo to the final two with him. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Calafiore was named the Big Brother 22 winner after he made the bold move to take Enzo Palumbo to the end. Nicole Franzel’s exit made the decision very easy for the BB22 jury.

Now, Cody is talking more about the decision he made to “clip” Nicole and just how long he had been considering that move this summer.

During the season finale episode, the BB22 jury voted 9-0 to award Cody the $500,000 prize. It seemed like Enzo had no shot of unseating Cody after his dominating play all summer.

Nicole was very hurt by the game move that Cody made, and she ended up unfollowing quite a few people from the world of Big Brother on social media.

Meanwhile, Cody shared a photo of the reunion he had with his girlfriend and spoke to TMZ about how he felt the outside world had not improved while they were playing Big Brother.

Cody speaks about choosing Enzo for final two

“It weighed on me every time I was in the DR,” Cody said in a new interview. “I was like, ‘I cannot pick somebody and go the end and lose again.'”

He may have been right. There was a lot of murmuring from the BB22 jury members about being ready to vote for Nicole, which could have yielded the same result as when Cody took Derrick Levasseur to the end of Big Brother 16.

As for the big question about when Cody actually knew when he was going to be sending Nicole to meet with host Julie Chen Moonves, he went into detail when answering that specific question.

“I knew going into that day that I was taking Enzo to the final two. It became an easier decision. Throughout the game, I always said, ‘Enzo’s my No. 1, Nicole is my — can’t call her my No. 2 — she’s like my No. 1.’ It was so crazy to play the game with Nos. 1, but they were Nos. 1 to me in completely different ways. But I always felt like I wanted to take Enzo to the end,” Cody explained.

He went on to clarify that during the week, he was in the house as part of the final three that he simply did not feel confident about taking Nicole to the end and still emerging as the Big Brother 22 winner.

And when it came to Nicole, she felt so confident that Cody was taking her to the end, that she had been practicing her answers and speech for the BB22 jury.

Big Brother drama on social media

A lot has been taking place on social media following the end of Big Brother All-Stars 2 and the return of all the cast members to social media.

Da’Vonne Rogers called Christmas Abbott a “one foot felon” after she saw the video of Christmas saying she feared she would “get shot” and “cut” by Bayleigh Dayton following a Nomination Ceremony.

And two-time player Tyler Crispen has just announced his retirement from Big Brother. He would rather spend time with Angela Rummans than ever return to the Big Brother house.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus from CBS.

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