Tyler Crispen announces retirement from Big Brother, thanks fans

Tyler Crispen On Big Brother
Tyler Crispen returned to play on Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Tyler Crispen has had enough of Big Brother and announced that he is retiring from the reality competition show.

Coming off the summer 2020 season in which he finished in sixth place, Tyler took to social media to talk about his experiences on the show.

Originally a member of the Big Brother 20 cast, Tyler was invited back to play on Big Brother All-Stars 2.

The summer started off well for him, but it was soon clear that Tyler wasn’t enjoying himself as much the second time around.

At one point, it even looked like he was going to self-evict so that he wouldn’t have to spend the rest of the summer missing his girlfriend Angela Rummans.

There was even a bit of drama when he asked Christmas Abbott to backdoor him at a Veto Ceremony so that he could go up on the block and get voted out of the house.

Christmas turned down that request, Tyler survived a few more weeks, and then he finished up his time this season as a member of the BB22 jury.

Tyler announces he is retiring from Big Brother

On his Instagram account, Tyler posted a really long note to Big Brother fans letting everyone know of his intentions. He congratulated Cody Calafiore for winning Big Brother 22, cheered on Da’Vonne Rogers for winning America’s Favorite Houseguest, and talked about his love for Angela Rummans.

“And that’s a wrap on @bigbrothercbs !! Hard to even make words to describe it all… This season was such a roller coaster but man am I glad I was apart of it and I’m honored to be considered an all star forever. Want to give a huge shoutout to @enzp_ and @codycalafiore for getting to those final 2 chairs and to Cody for that flawless win!” Tyler started.

Tyler continued by writing, “Also, thanks to everyone who voted for me for America’s Favorite player, but more importantly thank you to those who voted @davonnedianne_ you are an amazing person and so deserving!”

Tyler Instagram Retirement
Tyler leaves a note for Big Brother fans. Pic credit: @TylerCrispen2/Instagram

Tyler continued his message by thanking the fans a lot and by speaking about the “incredible people” he met along the way.

He also wrote about the difficulties he had trying to balance being a “good person” while also being a “good game player” and that it wasn’t an easy process.

Tyler ended his message by writing, “Even tho #BB22 will 100% be my last season and I’ll never get that win I’ve always dreamed of, I really am a real winner @angelarummans . Sending love to all of you bb fans, hope I made you proud!! #RETIRED #bb22.”

If this really is the end of the road for Tyler, he will complete his Big Brother journey having finished in second place on Big Brother 20 and then sixth place on Big Brother All-Stars 2.

More Big Brother news

A lot has been going on in the world of Big Brother following the season finale for the BB22 cast.

Nicole Franzel finally gave a new interview after hiding out from the world for a few days to process how the season finished. In it, she spoke about the alliance that she had wanted to form but couldn’t this season.

Christmas Abbott also announced that she is attending the wedding of Nicole and Victor Arroyo in an Instagram live session that she hosted. She was also asked about her mother wishing harm on Janelle Pierzina’s kids.

While the latest season of the show has come to an end, applications are now open for Big Brother 23 and we have a prediction on when the BB23 cast will begin playing.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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