When is Big Brother 23 start date going to be on CBS?

BB22 Jury Voting
Da’Vonne Rogers voted for Cody Calafiore to win Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 has officially been approved, and casting has already begun. What many fans want to know is when the BB23 cast will be playing the game.

We just saw Cody Calafiore named the Big Brother 22 winner, but fans are definitely ready to see some new faces playing the game.

As we recently reported, host Julie Chen Moonves broke the news about the show returning in a video she posted right before the BB22 season finale.

During that final episode, she also revealed to the CBS audience that the show was definitely coming back.

There had been some heavy hints already, as applications are open for prospective houseguests. People who want to be a part of the BB23 cast can already apply online.

When will Big Brother 23 take place?

If the network and the production team stick to the regular schedule, then the Big Brother 23 start date could be on Wednesday, June 23.

The show has been scheduled to begin on the fourth Wednesday in June for several years, with the 2020 summer season being the exception to that rule.

Due to the ongoing pandemic around the world, the BB22 cast didn’t get revealed until late, and the season premiere was pushed back until the first week of August.

Now that the production team has proven that it can conduct an entire season within a bubble and come away with no positive COVID-19 tests, it indicates they could do another season without delays.

Could winter Big Brother be coming up soon?

There have been some online rumors about CBS and the production team looking into having a Big Brother winter season. If that is the case, it could shift things a bit.

It’s definitely possible a season involving celebrities or some other theme could take place on CBS this winter.

Bringing back Celebrity Big Brother for a new season could be interesting, but only if they got a full cast of people who would play without threatening to quit.

Julie Chen Moonves hinted at seeing CBS viewers again next summer. That could also serve as a hint that we could all be waiting a while before the Big Brother house is inhabited again.

Still, having BB Celeb 3 during January and February could soften the blow of removing Survivor from the CBS schedule. Also, we already have people like Demi Burnett, who would love a chance to play.

To summarize it all, in a worst-case scenario, we should see Big Brother 23 begin before the end of June 2021. In a best-case scenario, we could start hearing real murmurs about the winter season and possibly see Celebrity Big Brother 3 in January.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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