Big Brother: Christmas says she is attending Nicole’s wedding, deflects questions about Bayleigh

Christmas With Julie Chen
Christmas Abbott had an exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves when leaving BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Christmas Abbott told her Instagram followers that she would be attending Nicole Franzel’s wedding.

In a live session on Instagram, Christmas touched on several topics, one of which was the buzzworthy wedding of Nicole and Victor Arroyo.

The wedding became a hot topic during Big Brother All-Stars 2, with Nicole speaking to various houseguests about how excited she was to get married.

The wedding also came up when Nicole took a long time, working on a goodbye message to Janelle Pierzina. She planned to tell her that she was uninvited from the wedding.

When Janelle was outside of the game, she shared that Victor invited her to the wedding anyway, but she was unlikely to attend.

When Big Brother All-Stars 2 came to an end, Nicole began unfollowing cast members from her social media. That seems to have included Cody Calafiore, Daniele Donato, and even host Julie Chen Moonves.

Now, an interesting tidbit has been shared by Christmas Abbott.

Christmas addresses Nicole’s wedding

In the video clip shared below, Christmas references the Big Brother wedding.

She says, “Yes, I’m planning on going to Nicole’s wedding.”

It followed a statement where she addressed whether or not she kissed Memphis Garrett while they were hanging out in the house.

There are still some unanswered questions

Some fans asked questions that went unanswered, including ones about her mom allegedly wishing harm upon the kids of Janelle Pierzina.

She did end up slightly addressing it, claiming that she contacted Janelle when she found out about it.

Many people would have also liked to see a direct answer to the statements Christmas made where she said she was afraid she would “get shot” and “cut” by Bayleigh Dayton when she targeted Bayleigh for eviction.

Below is a video of a social media user pretending to be Josh Martinez who was able to ask one of those questions of Christmas in a live fashion. She was definitely caught off guard.

Be aware that the video below has some NSFW language.

At that point, despite being asked numerous times before about the same topic, Christmas finally addressed it, possibly because she could no longer pretend she didn’t see the messages.

Below is her elongated response to what she called an “aggressive” question from the person pretending to be Josh.

The answer was full of deflection, with no real answer about why she said those things, other than her acting like it was a “game move” to say those things about Bayleigh Dayton before putting her on the block.

It’s a bit surprising that Christmas’s claims that she feared getting shot by Bayleigh was a game move and not a personal attack, though, and her claim that Bayleigh should not take it personally is not going to land well.

Maybe the reactions that Christmas has been getting here to what she did in the house is one of the main reasons Nicole Franzel has been hiding from social media.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.