Big Brother drama: Tyler Crispen threatens to quit show, again

Tyler And Dani BB22
Tyler Crispen seems likely to head home early from Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother drama coming from the live feeds again includes Tyler Crispen trying/threatening to quit the show. No, you aren’t reading the same article that you have read before. He is threatening it again. Again!

The number of times that Tyler has threatened to quit, self-evict, and/or to get someone to send him out the door is getting too high to keep track of at this point. The summary is that it really seems like he wants out.

Maybe the drama is too much for him? Maybe he really misses his girlfriend Angela Rummans? Maybe he just isn’t as good at this game as we all thought?

Big Brother spoilers about Tyler wanting to quit (this time)

Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto. She beat Tyler in the competition, but she also beat Enzo Palumbo, Kevin Campbell, Daniele Donato, and Ian Terry. Nobody seemed very pleased that Da’Vonne won.

Memphis Garrett also boasted that if he had played in the challenge that he would have won it. There are a lot of bitter people inside the Big Brother house and they aren’t really giving Da’Vonne true credit for her huge win.

Tyler is so upset about it that he has threatened to not even go to the BB22 jury house if he gets evicted this week. Quitting the show might cost him all that money the Big Brother 22 cast was offered to play the game this summer.

Below is yet another video of Tyler using the threat of quitting Big Brother as a strategy this season.

Will Tyler Crispen quit Big Brother 22?

A lot could happen in the next 24 hours. Da’Vonne is hosting the Veto Meeting on Monday and that’s where she will let everyone know if she plans on using the Power of Veto.

Until then, there could be a lot of negotiations and moves made within the house to try to keep her from using it, as other houseguests are worried about getting put up on the block next to Tyler.

Da’Vonne has a tough choice in front of her, no matter what Tyler tries to convince her to do with that power. In his ideal situation, he would convince her to save him, but after the drama between Tyler, Bayleigh Dayton, and Christmas Abbott last week, it seems extremely unlikely.

Will Tyler quit the show? We thought that when he returned that he would never even consider doing something like that. Now, we are not so sure.

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