Big Brother cast 2020: CBS reveals quotes from returning houseguests

Tyler BB Again
Tyler Crispen appears to be back for Big Brother 2020. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother cast for 2020 begins playing the game on Wednesday night. While CBS still hasn’t revealed the official BB22 cast list, they did provide some hints about it.

Taking to the Twitter account for the show, four quotes were shared from BB22 houseguests.

Each of the quotes describes something that has to do with the person and the reality competition show but readers have to guess who said what.

Big Brother cast 2020 hints

The first quote from a houseguest reads: “The first time I was on Big Brother, I was majorly distracted by a showmance.” That might be something that could apply to several people from the past.

The second quote reads: “I look at the Big Brother house as a business deal right now. It’s a three-month business deal that I need to close.”

The third quote states: “It’s a new day and I can’t wait to play.” Was that a hint about the name of the person? Did they capitalize the word “Day” on purpose to throw people off?

And the fourth quote reads: “I’ve played Big Brother twice before. My winning strategy this season is to remain as agile as possible.”

Do you think that you know which possible Big Brother cast member said each of these phrases?

CBS BB Hints
CBS released some BB22 cast hints. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars 2 begins August 5

It’s almost time to jump into the new season and find out which of the offseason rumors are true.

Big Brother 2020, Episode 1 airs at 9/8c on Wednesday, August 5. It’s a two-hour premiere that has a lot of ground to cover, especially as it is presented live with host Julie Chen Moonves.

Names like Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 are going to be introduced to a new generation of fans and some viewers are going to end up disappointed that people like Derrick Levasseur opted out.

Host Julie Chen has confirmed that there are 16 houseguests playing this summer (eight men and eight women) and there were some potential houseguests who tested positive for COVID-19 that had to be replaced.

There are also some oddities to the new Big Brother 2020 schedule, including no Thursday night episode during the premiere week. That’s going to seem odd after the live move-in event that takes place on Wednesday evening.

The good news is that the season is finally ready to begin and that even after all of the delays, CBS and the production team has been able to put together an intriguing Big Brother 2020 cast to watch.

Big Brother returns August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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