Big Brother news: Derrick Levasseur addresses Nicole Franzel drama

Derrick And Nicole
Derrick and Nicole on BB16 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother news about Derrick Levasseur recently confirmed that he would not be taking part in the All-Stars season this summer.

Not having the Big Brother 16 winner come back to defend his title has been a bit of a letdown for a lot of fans – some of which consider him to be the best player the game has ever seen.

Addressing a lot of fans wondering why he wasn’t taking part in the season, Derrick posted on social media about the need to stay home for his daughter. He also slyly made a reference to Nicole Franzel.

Nicole was a member of the BB16 cast who was invited back to participate in the Big Brother 18 season. She ended up winning BB18 over Paul Abrahamian when it seemed like the jury really wanted to vote against him.

Now, Derrick has taken the time to further address the situation regarding Nicole and why he was “not happy with Nicole right now.”

Derrick addresses Nicole and Big Brother All-Stars

During an Instagram Live session that he was hosting, Derrick Levasseur decided to address a lot of Big Brother fans who were asking him questions about the show.

“I see a lot of people asking about Big Brother and asking about my tweet about Nicole,” Derrick stated. “You know, I’ll make it very quick. I am someone who, usually I keep my emotions in check and sometimes you get your phone in front of you and you tweet without thinking.”

Derrick continued, “And so first I want to say, I was wrong to say that I was angry with Nicole while also retweeting a video criticizing Nicole and also putting out a rumor. You can see from my tweet, I haven’t deleted it for this reason.”

He went on to clarify that there is zero correlation between Nicole Franzel and the reason that he is not on the show. Derrick also clarified that he was/is upset with Nicole, but that they are friends, and that he is not going to discuss what he was referring to.

Derrick also stated that they were not in a group chat, which was a reference to the rumors that they were two of the people who were chatting about strategies before going on Big Brother All-Stars this summer.

Derrick Levasseur Instagram Live chat

The full video of Derrick speaking with his fans, his followers, and Big Brother fans, in general, is shared below. The segment where he speaks about the show begins at around the 12-minute mark.

The show returns in August, but Derrick is not going to be a part of it. There are very strong rumors that Nicole is a part of the cast, though, so expect to see her revealed on move-in day.

They are doing things a little differently with the show this summer, as CBS is doing a live move-in. That should be a fun treat for fans and also a way to get people to tune in for the season premiere.

Regarding who might be on the show, TV Guide posted some names that might be part of the Big Brother All-Stars cast.

Big Brother returns on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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