Big Brother All-Stars cast to have live move-in episode

BB Party House
It’s time for a Big Brother house party! Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother All-Stars cast is going to do things a little differently this year. CBS just made a huge announcement about the season premiere, and it is a big one!

According to CBS, the Big Brother All-Stars cast is going to have a live move-in segment during the first episode of the season. This segment will allow the viewers to watch the first few moments of the season without editing.

This news helps explain an earlier report that stated the Big Brother 2020 season will be 85 days in length. It also sets everything up for an interesting season finale in late October.

Big Brother All-Stars cast prepares to move in

Taking to the Twitter account for the show, CBS has provided the first real update for the show in quite some time. We aren’t going to count the commercials that are airing to tease fans about the upcoming season.

As shown below, the live move-in is going to be part of the two-hour season premiere that will air on August 5. It’s going to be an episode packed with excitement, and having everything done live will be a very nice treat.

BB Move In
BB22 move-in will be held live. Pic credit: @CBSBigBrother/Twitter

Meeting the Big Brother All-Stars cast

We were supposed to already know the names of the people who will make up the Big Brother All-Stars cast. Instead, a series of delays and canceled announcements have kept most fans in the dark about who is actually playing the game.

Earlier today, there was an update to the TV Guide website regarding the show, and it now includes a prospective cast list for the summer 2020 season. The list may not be complete, and it may have some incorrect names, but it sure has been interesting to see fans buzz about it.

If CBS does keep things under wraps until the season premiere and the official cast ends up remaining a secret until the move-in, that could be a unique treat for viewers of the show. It would also be a good maneuver in order to get more eyes to tune in for that first episode.

It has been a long wait for fans who had been excited about Big Brother 22 this summer. That wait is nearly over, and then the real fun begins. Expect lots of interaction on social media from former houseguests who aren’t competing and an ultra-competitive season as all the houseguests try to prove they are the best at this game.

Big Brother All-Stars debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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