Big Brother 2020 rumors: Who is on show affected by group chat?

Julie Chen will be hosting a dramatic Big Brother 2020 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 rumors about a group chat put together by former houseguests who were trying to strategize for Big Brother All-Stars 2 have started to crisscross social media again.

We previously reported on something that Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato had been sharing on social media. He stated that some of the people asked to play on Big Brother 22 were contacting each other and other prospective houseguests about the coming season.

According to Dick, Nicole Franzel was one of the people who was contacted by BB22 cast members, but that she was upset about it and went to the production team. This may have created some drama between people in the chat and not in the chat and also between Nicole and some other former houseguests.

Some exchanges that took place on social media today suggest that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that may have been taking place between former houseguests.

Big Brother 22 rumors about All-Stars chat

Now, several former houseguests are posting on social media about a group chat that may have taken place between Big Brother All-Stars cast members who wanted to work on strategies and create alliances before the season.

Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur just posted the tweet shared below. It’s in response to a video that was shared by Dylan Edwards online that might be worth watching. The video includes some NSFW language.

Elissa Reilly Slater, who played on Big Brother 15 and is the sister of Rachel Reilly, has now weighed in on Derrick’s post as well.

Elissa’s comment is shared below and it appears that she is still quite unhappy with Nicole after their time on The Amazing Race together.

Elissa Response
Elissa still doesn’t like Nicole. Pic credit: @ElissaReillyS/Twitter

A lot of additional posts have been put up on Twitter in regard to Nicole and quite a few fans are weighing in on both sides of the issue. The primary debate among fans seems to be whether or not Nicole going to production is another reason that Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling are not part of the Big Brother 22 cast.

Derrick did make another post of his own where he states that he is not playing this summer, but he stated that his daughter had asked him not to play. Does all of this additional drama also play into it?

As for that All-Stars pre-season chat, there are rumors that former winners Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark were also involved in it, but it’s not really clear what is going on at this point.

Does Victor Arroyo come to Nicole’s defense?

A new post from the social media account that Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo share has come to her defense amid all of these Big Brother 22 rumors.

Victor For Nicole
Victor may be defending Nicole. Pic credit: @cococalientepod/Twitter

A theory about Derrick vs Nicole feud

Is Derrick really upset with Nicole? Derrick is friends with Cody Calafiore, who is now rumored to be a part of the Big Brother 2020 cast, despite TMZ stating that it was his brother Paulie Calafiore on the show this summer.

Derrick, Cody, and Nicole were all on Big Brother 16 together. Derrick remained good friends with Cody after the show. Could Derrick be tossing a grenade into the situation to make it look like Cody wouldn’t work with Nicole and maybe Derrick isn’t really upset with Nicole? Is Victor only fake mad at Derrick now?

No matter what started the drama or who was involved in it, it’s really looking like Big Brother All-Stars 2 will take place without Derrick Levasseur, Dan Gheesling, or Andy Herren. That’s three players who controlled their seasons and may have played the best games since All-Stars 1.

Who is on Big Brother 2020 may indeed have been impacted by pre-season strategizing, but that had to be expected in the world of social media when the thought of putting a new All-Stars cast together came up.

Did anyone get kicked off the cast because of that rumored group chat? We don’t know for sure, yet, but that information likely can’t stay secret forever.

Big Brother 2020 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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3 years ago

Andy herren is not one of the best players dude won one of the worst seasons casted for big brother and racist for that matter. CBS wants nothing to do with bb15.

3 years ago

Andy floated to the end to win the most racist awful season in BB history. Who would ever suggest he’s one of the best players?