Big Brother All-Stars cast: Eight men, eight women for summer 2020 season

Julie Chen In Shock
Julie Chen will meet the BB22 cast during season premiere. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars cast information has been hard to come by this summer, with the network keeping a tight lid on the names of the returning houseguests.

Some of the reasons for that include production delays and the possibility that some people may have to be replaced due to quarantine failure.

We also just got confirmation from Julie Chen that members of the BB22 cast had to be removed from the show after they tested positive for COVID-19.

The good news is that the production team had a plan in place to use alternates this summer, so the replacements are ready to play the game when the schedule begins on August 5.

Big Brother All-Stars cast information

Sorry folks. We still don’t have the names of the Big Brother All-Stars cast members, so don’t get too excited here. We don’t expect to learn their names until the season premiere on Wednesday night.

What we do know, though, is that the cast is balanced. A number of Big Brother rumors on social media had hinted at an uneven cast that could be of benefit to one of the sexes. That’s not the case.

According to Julie Chen, there are going to be eight men and eight women playing the game this summer. That’s 16 total houseguests, which means this should be a nice long summer of gameplay.

It was also interesting to hear that Julie doesn’t know all of the names of the people who are on the BB22 cast. She said that she told the production team not to tell her so that she wouldn’t accidentally reveal some of those names to the public.

Sure, Julie probably knows who some of them are by now, as many folks have come to the similar conclusions of who is most likely to return to the reality competition show.

BB22 cast to experience twists and turns

When all 16 returning houseguests walk through the front doors on August 5, they are going to see a completely remodeled house. Julie gave a full house tour, showcasing just how different things will look. That includes a lot of murals on the walls showing off memorable moments and people from the past.

Hopefully, the Big Brother live feeds are up and running quickly this summer, as the potential for a lot of immediate gameplay and strategizing could take place. Fans and subscribers are not going to want to miss a single moment.

Production already stated that there are going to be some twists, and that might help turn Big Brother All-Stars 2 into a very memorable installment.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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