Big Brother 25 spoilers: Power of Veto results revealed for Secret HOH Week

Cirie Fields BB25 Nom
Cirie Fields made it to at least the Big Brother 25 jury. Pic credit: CBS

It was a long day for the Big Brother 25 cast on Saturday.

The houseguests had to deal with a Double Veto during BB Comics Week.

Host Julie Chen Moonves also warned viewers about the Power of Invisibility.

Jag Bains became the Invisible HOH and got to nominate two people in secret.

Blue Kim and Felicia Cannon got nominated. The ladies were pretty upset about being chosen.

They did get a shot to save themselves by winning the Power of Veto.

How did the Double Veto work on Big Brother 25?

Early on Saturday, the houseguests chatted about a Double Veto. Here are details on what that meant.

The feeds were down most of the day but finally returned around 6:40 p.m. (house time). The houseguests looked worn out. America Lopez was in the shower, Cory Wurtenberger was in the kitchen covered in paint, and Jag Bains was in bed with an injured arm.

Blue Kim appeared to have won the first Power of Veto. She wasn’t shown wearing the necklace, but it was next to her bed on the Big Brother live feeds.

The feeds continuously went out each time houseguests began speaking about important topics.

After Blue finished up in the shower, she put on the Veto Necklace, confirming she had won the power.

When Jag got out of bed, he also had a Veto Necklace.

Jag has to name a replacement nominee when Blue takes herself off the block. And it is unclear if he plans to use his own POV.

To summarize, Blue Kim and Jag Bains each won a Power of Veto. Once Blue comes off the block at the Veto Meeting, Jag has to name a replacement.

The Veto Meeting is next, and Jag has the tools to make a huge move.

More from Big Brother

The Veto Meeting is scheduled for Monday (October 16). That’s when the final nominees for the week will be set.

And another houseguest is sent to the BB25 jury house on Thursday (October 19).

Cameron Hardin did a new exit interview and named the people he feels are playing the best and worst games. He also talked about regret and who he blamed for his early exit.

Former houseguest Michael Bruner got married. He played on Big Brother 24 and was nearly unbeatable in challenges. But when the BB24 cast got a shot to take him out, they did not miss.

Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore gave a new interview about his time on the show. He spoke about being on The Traitors, returning for BB22, and his fallout with Nicole Franzel.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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9 months ago

I think because Jag told and it was suppose to be a secret he should lose HOH and replay for another secret head or when they vote for removal chose that person to be head of house hold . That would be a crazy twist.

9 months ago

I think it was unfair to have 2 people from the same family playing in the house. I know in the past they had twins but they were not in the house together. It was played as one.