Big Brother 24 start date teased by CBS with a puzzle, can you solve it?

BB23 Live Feeds
Big Brother 24 live feeds will be up and running during Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 start date rumors have been floating around for a while, with CBS preparing to air a new season of the hit reality competition show this summer.

And now, CBS has finally revealed what day the Big Brother 24 start date is going to arrive. Well… sort of.

CBS put out a puzzle on social media to get fans involved and help create some buzz about when the new group of houseguests will begin playing the game.

The puzzle is presented as a word search, with fans asked if they can spot the start date within the provided text. But there are also a few extra dates thrown into the mix to make it entertaining and confusing.

When is the Big Brother 24 start date?

“We know you’ve all been patient, but summer is just around the corner. Can you guess the premiere date for #BB24 and #TheChallengeUSA?” reads the caption for the word search shared by CBS and Big Brother.

As seen below, it is a 13×12 grid that has been provided. Within that grid, we were able to spot the dates as June First, June Eighth, July Sixth, and August Third. A few of the dates are thrown in as red herrings.

Previously, Monsters and Critics reported that the rumored BB24 start date would be July 6, so it stands to reason that this is still going to be the plan. June 1 and June 8 are coming up too quickly, and August 3 just seems too deep into the summer to be correct.

Take a look at the word search and see what you think. Is July 6 going to be the first day for Big Brother 24?

More big news from the world of Big Brother

Over the weekend, Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett got married. The couple met as members of the Big Brother 22 cast, and now they are planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

And now, Christmas and Memphis have shared a beautiful photo from their big day, with the BB22 duo dressed in a fancy tux and a gorgeous wedding gown.

Elsewhere in the world of Big Brother, Bayleigh Dayton shared a topless pregnancy photo to announce that she is having a baby with Chris Williams (Swaggy C). Fans saw the couple meet on Big Brother 20, get engaged in the season finale, and later get married in real life.

After that big announcement, it was revealed that Bayleigh and Chris had moved out of the country. It’s a big new adventure for them in a huge mansion.

And for Big Brother fans who want to re-watch some of the best seasons from over the years, all prior episodes are available for streaming through Paramount+.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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