Big Brother 24 spoilers: Early Power of Veto results revealed

Taylor BB24 Photo
Big Brother 2022 winner Taylor Hale is out having fun. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers now reveal who won the Veto Competition that took place early on Friday.

The BB24 cast is playing a sped-up week in order to get down to the final three houseguests, leading to an early Power of Veto winner being revealed.

On Thursday night (September 15), Taylor Hale won the HOH Competition after Alyssa Snider was sent packing.

Faced with a difficult decision, Taylor then nominated Brittany Hoopes and Matt Turner for eviction.

This wasn’t too surprising, especially with how close Taylor has become to Monte Taylor, but it also drew some lines in the sand.

Early on Friday morning (September 16), the final four houseguests then took part in an important Veto Competition.

Who won the Big Brother 24 Power of Veto today?

Monte just won the Power of Veto, giving him an automatic spot in the final three. This was huge for Monte because it also guarantees that he does not have to go on the block this week.

As for Brittany and Turner, their fate has been taken out of their hands, and now the conversations have begun about being safe ahead of the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

What happens next for Big Brother 24 cast?

There isn’t a need for a Veto Meeting since Monte isn’t going to want to be on the block this week, meaning the Eviction Ceremony will come down to Brittany vs Turner.

Taylor and Monte have now advanced to the final stage of the Big Brother 2022 season, giving them two of the three spots at the end. Once a third person is selected, a three-part Head of Household Competition will begin to decide who sits in the final two spots.

This is where it gets tricky. Monte might want Turner in the final three, whereas Taylor might prefer Brittany to be in the final three with her. Some important conversations are going to be coming for this duo.

We have roughly 10 days left in the Big Brother 2022 season. Looking ahead, here is a breakdown of the remaining TV schedule for the BB24 cast, which does include a special Friday night episode.

This all leads to the season finale, which is going to arrive on Sunday, September 25. It’s important to note that date, as it is going to be a lot different than when the show typically ends on a Wednesday evening.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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Turner what were you thinking.

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Good luck Taylor! I hope you make it to the finals.