Big Brother 24 spoilers: A new HOH and the final four

Alyssa Happy BB24
Alyssa Snider played on Big Brother 24 in Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 season got down to its final four houseguests on Thursday night, with another person getting sent to the BB24 jury house.

Monte Taylor, Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, Taylor Hale, and Matt Turner made up the final five, but it was time to evict one of them.

On the block for the September 15 episode of Big Brother 24 were Taylor and Alyssa, and the people deciding on their fate were Turner and Brittany.

To complicate matters, a Taylor and Monte showmance surfaced over the past week, with live feed subscribers seeing as their friendship turned into something more.

Things almost got very interesting as Brittany worked up a BB24 blindside, but her plans fell apart pretty quickly.

Now, the producers are going to get some good footage when the latest evicted houseguest makes her way to the jury house this weekend.

Who finished in fifth place on Big Brother 24?

Brittany voted to evict Taylor, and Turner voted to evict Alyssa. This meant that Monte, as the HOH, had to break the tie. Monte voted for Alyssa, making her the newest member of the BB24 jury.

This is not what Monte wanted to happen, as it meant he had to officially take sides, possibly meaning he just lost Alyssa’s vote if he makes it all the way to the final two.

Who is the final four HOH on Big Brother 24?

While Alyssa went out to have her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, the remaining houseguests got ready to take part in a very important Head of Household Competition.

In a question and answer challenge, it was Taylor, Turner, and Brittany battling for the power. Monte had to watch and hope that someone favorable to him ended up winning the power.

A video was shown of Julie changing into all of the outfits that she wore while filming the live show this season, and the three houseguests were then asked questions about what they had just watched.

Taylor and Brittany got the most questions correct, leading to a tiebreaker between them.

Taylor is the final four HOH after winning the challenge.

The Nomination Ceremony will take place on Friday (September 16), but this week is all going to come down to who wins the Power of Veto. If one of the nominees wins it, they are guaranteed a spot in the final three and they become the only person with a vote at the next Eviction Ceremony.

There is only a little over a week left in the Big Brother 2022 season. Here is a breakdown of the remaining TV schedule for the BB24 cast, leading up to what could be an interesting season finale for the show later in September.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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