Big Brother 24 nominee breaks down in tears on live feeds

Julie Chen Moonves Back For BB25
The Summer 2023 season of Big Brother welcomes back Julie Chen Moonves as host. Pic credit: Julie Holland/CBS

The Big Brother 24 Nomination Ceremony for Week 3 left one of the nominees really distraught about being on the block. It led to a lot of tears on the live feeds and a nervous partner.

A lot has happened over the past few days, with most of the information about the show coming out on the live feeds instead of through the episodes. The July 21 episode got canceled, so there will be a two-hour installment on July 24.

To break down some of those Big Brother spoilers, Pooch was evicted late Thursday evening. Taylor Hale survived another week on the block, but there are still a few people pushing hard to get her out of the house.

Taylor is still being presented by some of the houseguests as the biggest threat to ever walk through those front doors, and despite no challenge wins to her credit, she remains a target.

The BB24 cast also played in a new Head of Household Competition, with Matt Turner winning the power. Turner was close friends with Pooch, so he took that eviction personally and has been trying to figure out who flipped the house on him.

The Besties twist has arrived as well, with the Big Brother houseguests now playing as duos. This meant that Turner had to put a duo on the block, and he went with Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner. Turner wants to backdoor Taylor, but since some people want Brittany out, he is fine with that as a backup plan.

Brittany breaks down on the Big Brother live feeds

After getting nominated by Turner, Brittany could be seen crying in the Have Not Room and talking to the cameras about feeling alone in the house. She also talked a lot about wanting to make it further in the game and has mentioned missing her husband.

Brittany was also having a hard time earlier in the week, as seen in the clip below where Indy Santos joked about coming upon Ameerah Jones and Brittany having a chat.

Some Big Brother fans not sympathetic to Brittany’s tears

There are quite a few Big Brother fans who are dubious of the tears that Brittany is shedding on the live feeds after some of the comments that she has made about Taylor in the game.

Since they are playing in duos now, if either Brittany or Michael is able to win the Power of Veto, they both come off the block. Then, Turner is likely to put Taylor and Nicole Layog up in their place.

Michael has also expressed his worry about being on the block and that he may have chosen the wrong partner to play Big Brother with. Being on the block was not part of his plan, but he feels that Brittany told Turner it was okay to use them as pawns to get Taylor out.

For upcoming nights that the show is on, here is the updated Big Brother 24 TV schedule.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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