Big Brother 24: New challenges await houseguests

BB18 Challenge
The Big Brother 18 season had a lot of fun challenges. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 arrives this summer and fans of the show will finally get to see the house occupied again. It looks to be an exciting campaign for viewers, and a brand-new group of houseguests makes up the BB24 cast.

Julie Chen Moonves returns as the host, and she has already been posting teases about the show coming back. That includes her revelation that the first episode for Big Brother 24 falls on Wednesday, July 6.

Last summer, the Big Brother 23 cast was dominated by The Cookout, an alliance of six people that made it all the way to the end. From that group, Xavier Prather emerged as the BB23 winner, taking home a $750,000 prize.

Then, over the winter, Celebrity Big Brother 3 took place, with fighter Miesha Tate winning. She made it to the final two with Todrick Hall, who went into hiding due to the way that he played the game.

Big Brother 24 presents new twists

A press release from CBS highlights that there are going to be new and unique twists and turns for the BB24 cast. This is exciting news, because it comes in addition to the proclamation that the summer will be full of them. And this is in addition to the new challenges that are being teased.

Now, the imaginations of Big Brother fans are tasked with trying to guess what the producers have in store. The team twist from BB23 wasn’t very well accepted by Big Brother fans, so, hopefully, that isn’t going to make a quick return.

The theme of the new season hasn’t been revealed yet, so that is something else that Big Brother fans can look forward to hearing about in the coming weeks. And since we are starting to run out of time before the BB24 season premiere arrives in July, it may almost be time for a cast list to come out as well.

More news from the world of Big Brother

For viewers who can’t get enough of Big Brother houseguests, nine former cast members are on The Challenge USA this summer. Episodes of that new incarnation will air Wednesday nights on CBS, right after BB24 episodes.

And speaking of former houseguests, CBB3 cast member Shanna Moakler posted a hot bikini photo that came with a warning.

There are also exciting rumors of a Big Brother showmance appearing on The Amazing Race. Filming for the new season of that show just began.

Stay tuned for updates, as there are only a few more weeks until the Big Brother 24 season premiere arrives.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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