Big Brother 23 star Derek Xiao starts a YouTube channel, features Shooby from The Circle in first video

Derek X On Big Brother 23
Derek Xiao played on the Big Brother 23 cast during Summer 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Derek Xiao from Big Brother 23 has started up a YouTube channel and he is already sharing some fun content.

In the first video that he has posted, Derek X is shown spending time with Shubham “Shooby” Goel from The Circle.

Shooby was a fan favorite, and also a cast favorite from Season 1 of the hit Netflix reality show.

The video also features a guest appearance from a past Big Brother Canada houseguest.

Derek Xiao shares his first YouTube video

The first video from Derek Xiao is titled, “Kidnapped by a fan!! | Meeting my reality TV idol” and the page itself is simply called, “Derek Xiao.”

“I am on my way to go meet one of my reality TV star idols, Shubham, AKA Shooby. This guy is literally my motivation for wanting to even do any type of reality TV. Maybe not motivation, but he’s the person who showed me that I could do this,” Derek says while opening the video.

“Finally there was someone on TV who was genuinely authentic to himself and who kinda reminded me of myself,” Derek adds to his intro.

We then get to see some highlights of Shooby on The Circle before Derek X heads in to meet him.

The video is shared below and it is a lot of fun to watch. It is has a really authentic feel to it and it is a lot of fun to see all of the people who appear in the video. The fact that it is filmed live and not full of overproduction and editing makes it even more enjoyable.

Derek Xiao has been busy after Big Brother 23

For any Big Brother fans who haven’t heard yet, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss are dating. The new couple started experiencing sparks while they were in the BB23 jury house and they asked everyone to keep it under wraps until they were ready to go public.

In addition to officially starting their relationship in the real world over the past month, Derek X and Claire have been vacationing a lot together. That includes a trip that they took to Florida where a big BB23 reunion took place for Halloween.

Derek X and Claire have each expressed interest in playing Big Brother again, so it could definitely be fun to see them return on a couples-themed season. There is a lot that the producers could do with a twist like that, especially with so many other married and engaged couples that got their start in the Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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