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Big Brother 23 jury house: Sarah Beth Steagall answers more questions, predicts a BB23 winner

Big Brother 23 SB
Sarah Beth Steagall has been sent to the jury house on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Sarah Beth Steagall may have been evicted from Big Brother 23, but she can still answer some questions from the jury house.

Until she returns for the Big Brother 23 season finale, Sarah Beth will be spending the rest of the summer living it up at the BB23 jury house (mansion).

When she was voted out of the game during a secret HOH week, Sarah Beth answered a few questions from host Julie Chen Moonves.

After an extended interview between Julie and Sarah Beth was filmed, the BB23 cast member was shuttled off to the jury house.

Sarah Beth Stegall gives a Big Brother post-eviction interview

In the video shared below, Sarah Beth addressed why she thinks she was targeted for eviction, her thoughts on everyone who remains in the game, and who she thinks had the best chance of making it to the end.

For fans of Sarah Beth, these comments provide more information about why she was making the choices that she did in the house and how she views her experience. It’s well worth watching, and we can’t wait to hear more from her when the season comes to an end.

As for her prediction on who is making it all the way to the end, Sarah Beth chose Xavier Prather.

On the season, Sarah Beth finished in ninth place, making her a member of the BB23 jury. She and the other eight jury members will vote on the Big Brother 23 winner during the season finale.

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And speaking of that 2021 Big Brother season finale, it is coming up very soon.

More news and notes about Big Brother 23

The Big Brother live feeds have hinted at a showmance between Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell. The shocking footage from the HOH Room caught a lot of fans off guard this weekend.

And speaking of shocking revelations, Tiffany shared some information with Claire Rehfuss that left her floored.

Moving forward, there are only a few weeks left on the Big Brother 2021 schedule. And due to the Fall 2021 shows starting up at CBS, the reality competition show has had to be moved around. Here is an update on when each Big Brother episode in September will air on CBS.

Don’t forget that two Double Eviction episodes are coming up soon, so quite a few new residents of the BB23 jury house will be revealed.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. The people at CBS who allowed Big Brother to be the most racist reality show ever on tv, should be so ashamed. ALL of the contestants entered the show hoping to win the money. The black contestants immediately decided to get with a buddy to shield them and to vote out all non-black contestants. They voted out everyone that was not the right skin color – that is the very definition of racist. This was not selfless, it was very selfish. They betrayed their buddies and played them for fools. The black contestants had no special desire for the money over what the other contestants wanted. I have watched Big Brother from the beginning and NEVER has there been a group who said ‘ok, let’s vote out all the black/brown/yelow/white, etc players ‘ – not until now. This is racism to the extreme being played out on tv right before our eyes. This is absolutely nothing to be proud of. Were these racist players white contestants voting out only the blacks, the Far Left socialist would be yelling from the rooftops. This is just sick and I am done with Big Brother. If it were up to me, no one would get a penny.


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