Big Brother 23 cast swimsuit photos released to celebrate summer

BB23 Cast Move-In
The Big Brother 23 cast had a live move-in that entertained viewers. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast swimsuit photos have been taken and they are starting to be revealed by CBS as a way to celebrate the summer.

Each season, the Big Brother casts take the time to pose in the backyard for some promotional photos. Typically, they do individual photos and then group shots, with one session in regular clothing and then another one while they are wearing swimsuits.

Usually, these photo sessions are done before the first episode even airs, but with the new live move-in events surrounding the show, they had to wait a bit to get the full BB23 cast into the backyard for the photos.

This season, the BB23 cast is also playing in teams, with the season premiere spending a lot of time focused on setting up those teams. Now, they are off to the races, with the first two episodes in the books and many more to come before the season finale.

And speaking of that season finale, CBS released the exact date for the last BB23 episode for this fall.

Full BB23 cast swimsuit photo

Below is the photo that CBS just released that showcases all members of the Big Brother 23 cast in their swimsuits. Just how long will everyone stay this happy about how things are going?

Big Brother 23 Swimsuit Photo
The BB23 cast is playing during the summer 2021 season of the show (Big Brother). Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 already packed with drama

We are going to share a few Big Brother 23 spoilers that have come from the live feeds in this particular section. So, if you want to remain in the dark about some components of the season until they are featured during an upcoming episode, now is the time to go enjoy some other great content on the site. May we suggest this article from Big Brother 19 cast member Elena Davies, who spoke about getting paid to play the game?

A bit of controversy has come from the Big Brother live feeds due to two specific instances. The first was when Claire Rehfuss spoke to the cameras and stated that Whitney Williams said that the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked. It followed members of the BB23 cast talking about conspiracy theories.

And speaking of conspiracy theories, one houseguest said something on the feeds that led to some fans calling the show “rigged” this summer. Kyland Young said there were only six chips when they were drawing players to participate in the Veto Competition. Understandably, it led to some questions from fans.

We also know the final BB23 nominees for the week, showcasing who is going to be on the block at the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer. The Veto Ceremony results could lead to some interesting votes this week.

Stay tuned folks, because this season is just getting started and already it looks like this cast could provide the chaos that often leads to a great finish.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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