Did Whitney from Big Brother 23 say she doesn’t believe Sandy Hook shooting happened?

Whitney BB23 Photo
Whitney Williams is a member of the Big Brother 23 cast this summer. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast was talking about conspiracy theories on Saturday and a comment in the house has grabbed the attention of a lot of live feed subscribers.

Late night on the Big Brother live feeds, Whitney Williams and Claire Rehfuss were having a chat as they prepared to go to bed. When Whitney went to use the restroom, Claire raised her personal microphone up to her lips, looked at the camera, and whispered a message to everyone watching from home.

“She doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook. Don’t know about that one,” Claire said about Whitney as she looked at the Big Brother cameras.

What she is referring to is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut back in 2012. It culminated in the deaths of 28 people (including the shooter and his mother), 20 of whom were just six or seven years old.

With the Big Brother live feeds continuously going down again this season, it isn’t clear (yet) when Whitney allegedly made these comments, but Claire definitely appeared to want to separate herself from something she thought was shown to the audience. We will update this piece if Claire chats about it again or if the topic is mentioned again on the feeds.

Footage of Claire speaking about Whitney

At just after 1:47 a.m. PT on the morning of Sunday, July 11, Claire and Whitney can be seen hanging out on the Big Brother live feeds. On camera 4 is where Claire leaned toward her microphone to speak about what she claims happened.

Below is a clip of the moment that was shared on social media, but it doesn’t provide the cleanest audio. The moment itself can still be seen on the live feeds flashback for anyone that wants to go in and watch for themselves.

Already, there is a lot of backlash being posted on social media from fans of the show who have heard about what Whitney may have said in the house.

Below is just a small sampling of comments that have been left on the video shared above:

Whitney Fans BB23
Whitney may have just lost some fans. Pic credit: @FeedBrother/Twitter

Big Brother 23 already packed with drama

The summer 2021 season of the show is still very young, but it has already been packed with a lot of drama. That began on the season premiere when the BB23 cast was split into teams. Now, everyone is playing in groups of four for the first few weeks, raising the stakes when it comes to making alliances in the house.

Frenchie, the first HOH, has also created a lot of chaos that is playing out on the Big Brother feeds. That includes putting together alliances with nearly everyone in the game. People noticed, though, and he is going to be in some hot water as soon as his time as Head of Household comes to an end.

For fans who want to read ahead, we have some Big Brother spoilers that include the Veto results from Week 1. When the next episode on the Big Brother TV schedule finally airs on CBS, it will also start to show how chaotic the house has been over the first few days.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

I hope when Whitney finds out about this LIE she sues the pants off all of you. Claire never said Sandy hook, claire said and I quote “DR, don’t know about that one” so I am calling out Jasper the super fan #BB23 as a damn liar. The clip he posted is a small snippet of the real conversationg Claire is having.

Now let me lay out the full story from the start of the actual feed to the total end of the feed with Claire talking into her mic.

Let me lay this all out for you as I have watched Claire’s clip in its entirety. I will even give you the time stamps so you can watch how the whole thing plays out. Let me set the stage for you. Claire and Whitney Walk into the bathroom Whitney talking about being tired etc… she goes into the bathroom and Claire then starts talking into her mic. Your twitter link only catches a very small part of Claire’s conversation and if you listen closely all you hear is “DR, don’t know about that one” and everyone assumes Claire is talking about Whitney. Claire never says Sandy Hook in her first feed 7/11 cams 3&4 @ 1:46:30 a.m. PST/BBT then Whitney comes out of the bathroom and Claire goes in. Claire then comes out of the bathroom and continues her conversation with the feeds on her mic 7/11 Cam 3 @ 1:48:30 a.m. PST/BBT. If you listen to the rest of her conversation you will soon see Claire is talking about Frenchie and the tails he can spin. She even twirls her fingers when she says spins. So the Twitter folks wants everyone to hate Whitney for something she never said because to be very frank I have gone through all the feeds up to the time Claire had her conversation and there is never a feed of Whitney saying in the big brother house she never believed sandy hook. I am not defending her because of her looks or anything. I really don’t care if she stays or goes. What I do care about is people jumping to conclusions with out even doing their own investigation of what Claire really said. So you now have the full time stamps and cams I say go pull all that up and listen to the whole damn thing, You will then see what is being reported about Whitney is totally false based on the feed I have of the talk Claire had with the Big Brother audience. I challenge anyone to give me a link where Whitney is caught actually stating she does not believe in Sandy Hook.

2 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

btw Jasper your twitter account purely shows your disdain for Whitney that is your choice but making up a lie and no one calling you out on it is also a shame. So I am calling you out on it. Show me the feed where Whitney actually says that about Sandy Hook. If you had it you would not have posted that little itty bitty snip it and saying Claire said anything about Sandy Hook. I never hear it in her whole talk to the BB23 feed. oh and saved her whole conversation just in case some posts a video showing she says that so I can compare the video I have to what is being reported.