Big Brother TV schedule: BB23 cast only has one episode in debut week

Xavier Prather On BB23
Xavier Prather is a member of the brand new Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother TV schedule is about to begin again, giving CBS viewers their first look at the BB23 cast.

It’s important to remember that there is no eviction episode during the first week, as the producers want the new theme to have space to play out.

The Big Brother season premiere is on Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. It’s going to be 90 minutes and the BB23 cast will be going through a lot of steps to determine the first Head of Household.

Following Episode 1, there are going to be a few open days before Episode 2 debuts on Sunday, July 11. That’s when the show will fall back into its familiar schedule, with that Sunday episode focusing on the Nomination Ceremony and what leads up to it.

There is no Big Brother episode on Thursday, July 8, but fans can keep up with the new houseguests by watching the live feeds again this season.

The feeds for the house will be turned on following the West Coast presentation of the premiere on July 7.

More on the Big Brother TV schedule

Below is an easy-to-read breakdown of when the first few episodes of the Big Brother 23 schedule will air on CBS.

To summarize, during a typical week, new episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for the entire summer. It’s possible that things shift a bit when September rolls around because the fall TV schedule will begin before BB23 ends.

A look at the Big Brother TV schedule:

  • Episode 1: Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 2: Sunday, July 11 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 3: Wednesday, July 14 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 4 Thursday, July 15 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 5: Sunday, July 18 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 6: Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c.
  • Episode 7: Thursday, July 22 at 8/7c.

The first two evictions should take place on July 15 and July 22, so those are going to be really important nights for the BB23 cast.

Information about the Big Brother 2021 premiere

The process to determine the first HOH this summer is going to be a bit complicated. In short, everyone will get a shot to compete to become the first Head of Household, but there are several hoops to jump through during the season premiere.

The BB23 cast is also going to be playing in teams for the first few weeks. It’s a theme that was tried out at the beginning of Big Brother 14 for fans who want to go back and watch the first few episodes of that season.

It worked well and presented something new.

Host Julie Chen Moonves is also back for another season of the show and she will be on hand to help introduce the BB23 cast during the premiere. It’s also very likely that she releases a full Big Brother house tour video before that episode arrives.

Make sure to tune in for the full season premiere episode, because before it comes to an end, a secret offer is going to be made to one of the houseguests that will be considered a “double or nothing” chance. What will that entail? Tune in to find out.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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