Here is how the first Big Brother 23 Head of Household will be decided

Julie Chen New BB
Julie Chen Moonves is back with the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The first Big Brother 23 Head of Household will not only gain themselves safety, they will ensure that their entire team is safe from eviction during the first week.

It’s part of an elaborate premiere that is going to be packed with excitement and twists to get the summer 2021 season started.

There are 16 new houseguests on the BB23 cast introduced this week. Host Julie Chen Moonves is going to introduce them and they will then move into the Big Brother house in groups of four.

Similar to how the Big Brother 22 season started out, each group of four will compete in a challenge when they walk through those front doors.

The winner of each BB23 group is going to become a Team Leader.

Once all four groups have declared a winner, those four Team Leaders will draft people for their teams.

The leaders receive video clips of the rest of the BB23 cast to help with that decision and also to give CBS viewers background as things progress.

It’s a good way to help viewers identify with the 16 brand-new people.

Who plays for the first BB23 HOH?

The Team Leaders are also going to compete against each other to determine the first Head of Household. That person, as well as their entire team, is safe from getting nominated or evicted in the first week.

It’s going to be very important to be on the right team.

Having four people immediately safe seems like a lot. However, more safety could arrive before the end of the night.

The biggest question is whether this team twist could shake things up from the power alliances from previous seasons, or if the schoolyard way of selecting teams yields similar results.

The return of teams to Big Brother

The team twist that is going to take place on Big Brother 23 also happened with the BB14 cast.

BB14 saw the return of Dan Gheesling and Britney Haynes, as they were two of four coaches brought back to help lead new houseguests. As the season progressed, they could also join the game.

This time around, everyone is on the same level playing field, but being a Team Leader could come with a lot of perceived power early on.

It could also make those four people targets. Will some of the Team Leaders align in order to find safety in numbers?

We will all have to tune in to the season premiere to see how the BB23 cast handles the news and how the four teams look by the end of the night.

The summer 2021 premiere of Big Brother comes on Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. It’s a 90-minute episode that will set the tone for the season.

Watch until the very end, because there is an additional twist coming before the credits roll.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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