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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who won the final six HOH Competition last night?

BB22 To Final Six
The final six Big Brother 22 houseguests now have a new HOH in charge. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers from the live feeds have already revealed the identity of the new Head of Household.

Three people got sent to the jury on Thursday night during the first Triple Eviction. It was a busy night. We have a full recap of that episode, but that’s not what people want to know now.

Christmas Abbott, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, Enzo Palumbo, and Memphis Garrett are the final six. As the outgoing HOH, Tyler had to sit out a very important competition late Thursday night.

Who is the new Big Brother HOH?

When the Big Brother live feeds turned back on, Cody talked about what he wanted to see in his HOH basket. It immediately became clear that he had won his third HOH Competition of the summer.

This was a big win for Cody, but also for Nicole, as it ensures that she is going to be safe for another week. She was on the block twice during the Triple Eviction, but now she should have a very relaxing week thanks to her final two deal with Cody.

Who is Cody going to nominate for eviction?

Cody won’t nominate Nicole. That leaves just Christmas, Tyler, Enzo, and Memphis to choose from. If he wants to stay loyal to some of the deals he already has, then Tyler and Christmas will end up on the block.

But it’s also possible that Cody could cut Enzo loose, simply because he was not a member of The Committee this summer. Memphis seems safe because of all the alliances he has in place with Cody, though.

As for the primary target for eviction this week, Cody has every excuse in the word to go after Tyler. He can say that Tyler turned on The Committee, he can say that Tyler turned on Nicole, and he can use it as a way to slide through with very little blood on his hands.

At the upcoming Veto Competition, all of the final six houseguests are going to get to play. It means there is no chance of backdooring anyone, and that it doesn’t necessarily matter who starts out on the block.

The Nomination Ceremony will take place on Friday, setting up the opening nominations for the week. It will be interesting to see how the chats work out on the Big Brother live feeds, but Cody has to make sure he has someone on his side ready to win HOH next week. And Nicole is not that answer.

Here is the full schedule of upcoming Big Brother episodes, including the ones on Monday nights and the special Friday night installment.

As for social media, fans and former houseguests have been very vocal about disliking the results of the Triple Eviction.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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