Below Deck: Will Shane Coopersmith be the first Season 8 crew member fired?

Are Shane Coopersmith's days on Below Deck numbered?
Shane has not made the best impression on Captain Lee or Eddie. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Shane Coopersmith has landed in hot water since day one, leaving fans to think he might be the first Season 8 crew member fired.

Sunshine, as bosun Eddie Lucas likes to call him, certainly marches to the beat of his own drum. Shane lacks a lot of yachting experience and has become a big problem. The fact he is so green was one reason Eddie was bummed to lose deckhand, Avery Russell.

The California surfer spends more time focused on the environment and his mentality than on his job. Shane deciding to nap while the rest of the crew worked sent Eddie into a frenzy.

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There is no question the pressure has gotten to Shane. Not only did he retreat to his room to journal, but he also forgot to close the lazarette door, which is a big no-no in yachting.

Eddie calmly talked to him. Then, Shane informed Captain Lee of his mistake. The captain was not pleased.

Captain Lee and Eddie are out of patience with Shane

The writing does seem to be on the wall that Shane does get fired from Below Deck. Both the captain and bosun have lost patience with the deckhand.

Captain Lee even addressed the issues with Shane in his recent blog. Although he thinks Eddie has done a great job with the deck team, one problem persists. The captain believes it is time he got involved. He hopes Shane can turn things around but isn’t too optimistic.

Before Season 8 started, Captain Lee alluded that more than one crew member would be getting the boot. Shane certainly seems to be at the top of the list right now.

Does Shane get fired from Below Deck?

A couple of things have happened that left fans confused regarding Shane’s future on Below Deck.

In the recent preview clip Bravo dropped, Eddie was sleeping on the bottom bunk in his cabin. Eddie right now has the top bunk in the cabin he shares with Shane. The person in the top bunk’s face can’t be seen in the footage. So, either a cabin switch up occurs, or Shane gets axed.

Andy Cohen added fuel to the fire that Shane doesn’t get fired by asking fans to send in questions for the deckhand. Shane will be on an upcoming episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Shane on WWHL Tweet
Pic credit: @Andy/Twitter

Now, Shane could be appearing on WWHL after he got fired. Chef Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran was a guest a couple of times after he was fired during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5.

Fans will just have to keep watching Below Deck to see if Shane Coopersmith gets fired, leaves, or manages to last the entire season.

What do you think happens with Shane?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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