Elizabeth Frankini reacts to Francesca Rubi’s constant criticism on Below Deck

Below Deck's Elizabeth Frankini dishes Francesca Rubi and her micro-managing
Elizabeth and Francesca are headed for rough waters on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck stew, Elizabeth Frankini shared her reaction to Francesca Rubi’s constant criticism in an Instagram post following the most recent episode.

Elizabeth has gotten in the habit of opening up on social media as Season 8 of the Bravo show plays out onscreen. The positive vibe stew has been struggling to find her rhythm with chief stew Francesca.

Throwing newbie Ashling Lorger into the mix has only made the tension between Francesca and Elizabeth mount. Ashling has a work style more along the lines of Francesca, where Elizabeth does not.

Elizabeth slams Francesca as a leader

Last week, Elizabeth used Instagram to blast Francesca’s leadership style of talking behind her back instead of talking to her. It was a sentiment she echoed again in her message this week.

The second stew also accused Francesca of thinking for her when it was the chief stew’s job to manage the interior. Elizabeth declared being a manager means working with others and overcoming obstacles in the working relationship.

Elizabeth admitted at first, she thought it was Francesca’s way of making herself look better after Francesca struggled in the beginning. She even declared the chief stew worked to form a clique against Elizabeth with Ashling. Elizabeth shared Francesca’s action hurt the morale of the group.

Open to constructive feedback

Elizabeth knows she made mistakes on the My Seanna and that her work can seem unorthodox to some people. She judges herself by results, especially the great feedback Elizabeth has received regarding her interaction with charter guests.

“I would have been open to ANY constructive feedback or direction from Fran if she had offered, but that never happened in the professional manner I would expect from the Chief Stew of a superyacht,” Elizabeth wrote.

She plans on opening up to fans each week, spilling there is still “a long season to go.” Elizabeth also encouraged fans to ask her questions and leave comments with thoughts on the season.


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Fans have had mixed responses to Elizabeth and her work ethic. Some think she needs to step it up, while others believe Francesca has not managed Elizabeth properly.

Captain Lee Rosbach wrote in his blog that he thinks Elizabeth has created a bad vibe because of her lack of attention. The captain suggested she get out of the dream world and operate in the real world. He also shared he hopes Elizabeth can pull it together.

Elizabeth Frankini has expressed her thoughts on Francesca Rubi, continuously critiquing her on Below Deck.

So far, there has been no love lost between those two ladies, and it doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Are you Team Elizabeth or Team Francesca?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Kathy R
Kathy R
3 years ago

If viewers were paying more attention, they might catch on to Francesca’s snide comments towards/about Elizabeth. Instead of giving her helpful feedback she just says something is wrong. I think we are not being shown any of Elizabeth’s accomplishments and I absolutely think that is on purpose.

3 years ago

I feel Fran does not know how to properly and professionally manage the interior team. She could learn alot from the bosun. He knows how to be an adult and be a leader. Team Liz for me