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Below Deck: Elizabeth Frankini blasts Francesca Rubi after watching recent episode

Below Deck's Elizabeth Frankini has a message for Francesca Rubi.
Elizabeth was not happy with what Francesca said about her on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Elizabeth Frankini has blasted chief stew Francesca Rubi after watching the recent episode of Below Deck.

The second stew was not happy with the leadership skills Francesca portrayed, complaining about Elizabeth instead of talking to her. Fans watched as the two women pulled off one of the worst beach picnics in Below Deck franchise history.

Eddie Lucas spent the day bringing items left on the mega-yacht by the stews to the picnic.

Captain Lee Rosbach was not impressed with Francesca or Elizabeth.

After asking Eddie what went wrong, Eddie claimed Francesca was carrying the interior crew. Francesca and Eddie had clearly been discussing their teams. It did not sit well with Elizabeth, who some fans felt was to blame for the beach disaster.

Other fans, like Below Deck alum Kate Chastain, felt Francesca was entirely to blame for the debacle.

Different leadership styles

Elizabeth used Instagram Stories to express her disappointment over Francesca, not addressing issues with her personally. The second stew would have handled the situation differently and said so in her post.

“As my boss and the new head of the interior, I would have expected Francesca to address any issues with me directly so I could improve upon them immediately, considering we don’t have time to waste and our ability to work cohesively as a team each day is extremely important,” Elizabeth wrote.

“Instead of meeting with me she chose to be passive aggressive and make disparaging remarks about me to Eddie and other members of the crew. From a mean older girl in middle school it would make sense but from a boss on a superyacht? It’s counter-productive,” she continued

That was quite a statement Elizabeth made regarding Francesca, and it was shared by the Instagram fan account @belowdecksailing.

Fan account shares Elizabeth message to Francesca.
Pic credit: @belowdecksailing/Instagram

The two initially bonded. However, after Izzy Wouters left for the deck crew and Ashling Lorger joined the interior, there has been drama between Francesca and Elizabeth.

Season 8 crew can’t get it together

Four episodes of Below Deck Season 8 have aired to date, but viewers can tell the crew can’t get it together. Shane Coopersmith, James Hough, and Elizabeth appear to be struggling the most, leaving Eddie and Francesca to pick up the slack.

Deckhand Avery Russell, whose departure changed the deck crew’s dynamic, recently spilled that fans need to watch James and Elizabeth. His comments could mean either a boatmance is on the horizon or those two are getting the boot.

Whatever the reason the My Seanna crew continues to struggle, the group better get it together. Captain Lee made it clear in the tip meeting that he is over the crew and its lack of a work ethic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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