Below Deck: Avery Russell dishes Season 8 crew members, spoilers, and a behind the scenes secret

Avery Russell opens up about time on Below Deck including cast, spoilers and secrets.
Avery was only on one episode of Below Deck, but he has a lot of thoughts on the Bravo show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Avery Russell has dished on his short stint with the Bravo show that includes Season 8 spoilers and a behind the scenes secret.

The deckhand only appeared on one episode of Below Deck. However, he was involved with the Bravo show much longer than fans may think.

Avery recently stopped by ReKaps podcast to chat with host Sydney Kaplan and revealed some juicy information about the hit yachting show.

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He was cast on the show after a casting person reached out to him on Instagram. Avery echoed Izzy Wouters that the process was lengthy but worth it.

Thoughts on Season 8 cast

Fans were shocked to see Avery on the premiere episode of Below Deck Season 8. He was not listed as a crew member for the season, and it was quickly revealed why.

Now that the season has kicked off, Avery has opened up about his time on the My Seanna.

The Bravo personality thinks viewers should give Shane Coopersmith a chance. Shane is new and trying to learn the business. Overall, though, Avery calls Shane a really good, smart guy.

Avery calls chef Rachel Hargrove a talker who is extremely nice and knows her s**t. The deckhand also explained chief stew, Francesca Rubi being exhausted amid the first charter was justified.

It turns out the crew spent hours loading provisions then unloading them because six weeks worth of provisions were sent to the yacht. Avery revealed Francesca only got a couple of hours of sleep on the first day.


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Like most crew members, Avery sang Captain Lee Rosbach’s praises, calling him awesome and a champ. Avery even asked, “Who would not want to be like Captain Lee?”

As for Eddie Lucas, Avery shared he is the nicest guy and that he had never seen any of Eddie’s previous seasons. James Hough was the person Avery felt he would have bonded with the most if he had stayed on the show.

Elizabeth Frankini was described as super cool and all about peace, just as she appears on television. Last, but not least, Avery called Izzy a bro and believes they would have been great friends.

Dropping a spoiler and a secret

Avery spilled he was actually in Antigua for two weeks. He shared each crew member was confined to a hotel a week before filming began.

“They don’t want us running out and doing stuff to interact with the other crew because the whole point is to be surprised when you get there,” the reality TV star declared to the host.

Even though the crew was supposed to be confined to a room, Avery said they all snuck out.


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The one thing Avery says fans should watch out for on Below Deck Season 8 are James and Elizabeth.

Perhaps they embark on a boatmance, or maybe James and Elizabeth are sent packing. Captain Lee has alluded that a couple of crew members might be fired this season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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